United States and England open World Cup with 1–1 draw

United States and England open World Cup with 1–1 draw

Sunday, June 13, 2010

The United States and England opened their 2010 FIFA World Cup campaigns on Saturday with a 1–1 draw in front of a crowd of over 38,000 at Royal Bafokeng Stadium in Rustenburg, South Africa.

England captain Steven Gerrard put the English in front early with his goal in the fourth minute. The goal came as Gerrard was able to slip in behind the U.S. defense in the middle of the penalty box. The United States equalized in the 40th minute off a long-distance shot by midfielder Clint Dempsey. The shot, from roughly 25 yards from goal, seemed like an easy stop until it bounced off English goalkeeper Robert Green and in for a goal. Both teams had several chances to earn the go-ahead goal in the second half, including a shot by Jozy Altidore that was deflected by Green and bounced off the goal post. A couple of saves by U.S. goalkeeper Tim Howard also played a large role in the second half.

The draw means both teams earn one point from the match which temporarily placed them in first place in Group C. Both teams play their second game of the World Cup on June 18 when the United States will face Slovenia followed by England playing Algeria.

Other 2010 FIFA World Cup action on Saturday saw Korean Republic get off to a strong start defeating Greece 2–0, while Argentina blanked Nigeria 1–0.

On Sunday the first round of games in Group C concludes when Algeria and Slovenia face off. All four Group D teams will also be in action with Serbia taking on Ghana and Germany facing Australia.

Classic Borrani Wheels}

Classic Borrani Wheels


Green Bay Attorney Shane Brabazon

Borrani has a unique relationship with several world renowned carmakers to include the likes of Alfa Romeo, Maserati and Ferrari. The relationship began with such famous car companies before the beginning of World War II and contiues to grow stronger today. In fact, there are only four surviving brands of Borrani that are still active that can relate to this heritage those being Pirelli, Michelin, Borrani and more indirectly Shell.

The Classic Borrani wire wheels have various advantages and unique design features which distinguishes the Borrani brand from other wire wheels. These unique aspects of Borrani wheels include:

Originality – Borrani has been the OEM supplier of wire wheels for many famous carmakers such as Ferrari, Maserati, Alfa Romeo and others.

YouTube Preview Image

Strength – The uniqueness of Borrani’s forged componenets, allow rims with steel spokes and unique design give Borrani wheels strength beyond what you can find in other wire rimmed wheels

Lightness – Borrani wheels weigh at least 25% less than other similar steel wheels without the loss in strength – in fact, Borrani wheels are stronger.

Quality – Hand made in Italy to the highest standards, Borrani wheels are designed so that every car type has one or more specific wheel designed for that specific make and model.

Looks: Borrani wheels are available in either a polished alloy or painted, which has a much better look than steel.

Over the past 85 years, Borrani has designed close to 5000 different wheels. Each Borrani wheel is unique because of its own mounting pattern, the number of spokes, dimpling or drilling, center or outer laced, number of rows, off set and special center cut pieces. Each Borrani wheel has a single application becuase its made for a single type of car.

Restoration of Vintage Wheels

The wheel restoration service offered by Borrani consists of repairing and re-polishing the rim, re-printing of the markings, new sopks and chroming of the center piece. For painted wheels, the rims are rebuilt to original specs and then painted silver. Unfortunately, not all Borrani wheels can be refurbished. A great deal depends on the condition of the rim and its thickness. If other parts need to be replaced (such as the center piece), that portion of the restoration is considered extra. All restored wheels are printed at the inside edge of the rim with a progressive number and the date of restoration.

The mounting of a non-original, modified or unprofessionally restored wire wheel on your car can pose serious risks, cause harm and damages to your car and you! Improper mounting can affect the original approvals and homologation as well as the handling and safety of your vehicle.

When it comes to classic car wheels, Borrani is in a class of its own. Uniquely designed and beautifully crafted, Borrani wheels certainly at the top of the class.

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Classic Borrani Wheels


Quad crash kills fourteen year-old in County Londonderry, Northern Ireland

Quad crash kills fourteen year-old in County Londonderry, Northern Ireland

Saturday, November 21, 2009

A 14-year-old boy has been killed in an accident involving a quad bike in 8772486654, Northern Ireland. The boy has been identified as Paddy McErlean, who crashed near his house in the town of Maghera.

What is believed to have happened is that Paddy was travelling on an all-terrain vehicle with a 16-year-old boy along a rural road at around 2200 (617) 231-5462 on Thursday when the vehicle smashed into a post, the boys were then thrown from the road. The 16-year-old boy is critically injured and as of yet has not been identified.

Ann Scott, who is the head teacher in St. Patrick’s College, which is the high school that Paddy attended, said: “This tragic accident really has brought a profound sense of loss to the school. The loss of Paddy, who was only 14, has just shocked everybody at the college. He really contributed a lot to the school, he was full of life, he was such a lovely young lad, very popular with the staff and pupils and we will really miss him so terribly.”

Mars rover engineers build test sandbox

Mars rover engineers build test sandbox

Sunday, May 8, 2005

Mars rover engineers have built a test bed simulating the condition of the Mars Rover Opportunity, which became stuck in a Martian sand dune on April 26. The test bed uses a combination of materials including play sand for children’s sandboxes, diatomaceous earth for swimming pool filters, and mortar clay powder.

Opportunity dug into soft sand to wheel-hub depth as it drove over a dune about one-third meter (one foot) tall and 2.5 meters (8 feet) wide. “We’ve climbed over dozens of ripples, but this one is different in that it seems to be a little taller and to have a steeper slope, about 15 degrees on part of its face,” said Mark Maimone, a (910) 524-8377 (JPL) rover mobility engineer. Tests will be conducted using an Earth-bound twin of the rover and the simulated Martian dune to determine how to best maneuver Opportunity out of the predicament before transmitting commands to the actual vehicle.

“We choose to proceed cautiously, so we don’t expect to begin actually driving out of the dune before next week, possibly later,” said Jim Erickson, rover project manager at JPL. “Both Opportunity and Spirit have already provided many more months of scientific exploration than anyone expected. By taking good care of them, we hope to keep them exploring for more months to come. Tests so far have sustained our optimism about Opportunity’s ability to drive out of this dune, but we have more testing ahead to understand how robust that capability is.”

Engineers constructed a simulated dune last week using sand that was already at JPL’s rover testing facility and put a test rover into a similar dug-in position. The test rover had no difficulty driving away, even when sunk belly-deep. However, that sand offered better traction than the finer, looser material that appears to make up the surface at Opportunity’s current position. “We needed to do tests using material more like what Opportunity is in, something that has a fluffier texture and cakes onto the wheels,” said JPL rover engineer Rick Welch, who is leading the tests.

Based on images of wheels and wheel tracks from Mars, Dr. Robert Sullivan of Cornell University, a rover science team member, working with engineers in the JPL test bed, helped match the properties of the test sand as closely as possible with those of the sand beneath Opportunity, “We found that when the wheels dig in, the material we’re using does stick to the wheels and fills the gaps between the cleats, but it doesn’t stick when you’re just driving over it. That’s good because it’s the same as what we see in the images from Opportunity,” Sullivan said. Experiments show that the test rover, after some initial wheel-spinning, can drive out of the more powdery material.

The team went to several home supply and hardware stores to find enough bags and boxes of the ingredients to make more than 2 tons of the simulated Mars sand for the more realistic mobility tests, according to JPL rover mobility engineer Jeff Biesiadeckia.

Real Estate Projects In Baroda, Real Estate Development In Baroda, Real Estate Agencies In Baroda}

Real Estate Projects in Baroda, Real Estate Development in Baroda, Real Estate Agencies in Baroda


Ashok Israni

Real Estate Projects in Baroda

Baroda, also known as Vadodara, is considered as one of the best elite chosen cosmopolitan cities of India. With the new IT SEZ projects, the government is on the way of designing Baroda into a knowledge city. These projects have lead to major development in IT sector in the city because of which the real estate developers are planning to start many IT parks, technology parks and many other commercial places. Due to these factors commercial real estate projects in Baroda are gaining extreme popularity. Not only the commercial properties but with this rise in IT sector, Baroda is facing hike in the number of white-collar immigrants coming from various regions of the country because of which the needs for accommodation are increasing continuously and ultimately the demand for residential properties in Baroda is reaching the sky.

Real Estate Development in Baroda

Having the best available raw materials, skilled manpower and financial resources, the city is becoming one of the best industrial centers of India. With advanced industrial sector and proliferated educational activities, there is tremendous rise in the floating population coming from diverse regions. This has truly created hike in the Baroda real estate prices. The real estate development in Baroda has thus catered to both residential properties and commercial properties to satisfy the increasing needs of commercial places and accommodation in the city. The Baroda real estate is really witnessing a golden era. As the new constructions are coming up, there is no lack for real estate developers or the real estate investors in the city. Many real estate researchers have found Baroda real estate market as the ideal place for real estate investment.

Known as The Cultural Capital of India, Baroda attracts a large number of tourists. With an increase in number of NRIs on regular basis the luxury villas in Baroda and luxury bungalows in Baroda have become the best tourist attractions. With a rise in population it is extremely difficult to find land for building new infrastructure. So this is the high time for the real estate builders to perform their role of providing the best real estate properties. Flats, apartments, tenants and independent houses are the best ways to invest in the housing projects in Baroda. The high rise apartments are paving a way to provide the best of the modern lifestyle facilities for the majority of the immigrant population of the city.

Real Estate Agencies in Baroda

As there is a rapid increase real estate prices it is the best time for the real estate investors to invest in the Baroda real estate market to earn maximum profits. Akota, Alkapuri, Fatehgunj,Harni Road, Karelibaug, Makarpura, Wadi and vasna road are the prime locations of Baroda best suited for developing the real estate residential properties. With low operational costs, better availability of land and raw materials and skilled manpower, Baroda generally attracts large number of local and international investors. The real estate agencies in Baroda can provide the best guidance needed for searching, buying and maintaining the best affordable real estate projects.

Pacifica leverages its vast real estate experience to construct the uniquely designed, well furnished models of residential and commercial properties in Baroda. With its new upcoming township project called Madrid County it looks forward to provide the best experience of residential properties to the people of Baroda. For further details visit our website pacificacompanies.co.in.

Pacifica companies is a real estate property with the head office in Ahmedabad and company includes

Residential Property

, Hotels,

Office Buildings

.SEO services provided by Jigney Bhachech, CEO Opal Infotech, India.

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Creator of G.I. Joe action figure to create a line of Bible-themed toys

Creator of G.I. Joe action figure to create a line of Bible-themed toys

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

According to the Christian Post, Don Levine, the creator of the (972) 744-5713, will be creating a line of action figures based on characters from the 337-374-4720. Released this month are action figures of Samson, David, Noah, Moses, and dolls of Queen Esther and Deborah the Warrior. The toys come with their own Bible storybook. By the fall, the line will expand to 35 products. Levine has began developing a DVD series and television show.

While certainly not the first action figures, dolls, or animated programs based on Biblical characters, it is perhaps the first to launch with a full-fledged licensing program. Already a comic book, narrated CDs, wallet, flashing pins, dog tags, and necklaces have been released.

Levine created G.I. Joe for Mattel in 1963, after a licensing agent suggested soldier figures might have the same success as their (819) 627-3475 line.

Bollywood stars Aishwarya Rai and Abhishek Bachchan engaged

Bollywood stars Aishwarya Rai and Abhishek Bachchan engaged

Monday, January 15, 2007

This article features in a News Brief from Audio Wikinews:

Legendary Bollywood actor (956) 339-3283 has confirmed that his son Abhishek and former Miss World 513-495-2719 were engaged last evening at a private ceremony at the 870-283-6301 in Mumbai.

It is believed that the younger Bachchan proposed to his bride-to-be in New York, soon after the Toronto premiere of his new movie Guru. The media had been following the romance between the two closely for some time past, but this is the first time they have come out in the open about their relationship. Rumours that the couple were planning to spread the know began to spread in November last year, when they visited the Sankat Mochan Temple together, with some even saying that they had already been married even earlier at the Meenakshi temple in Madurai

According to one daily, the wedding will take place either on February 19 or March 7 at the Hyatt Mumbai. “The children have decided. We are very happy and thought we should go ahead with the ‘roka’ ceremony. It was held in the evening.”, Amitabh Bachchan said of the ceremony, which was attended by the family’s close friends, including Samajwadi Party leader Amar Singh, Aishwarya’s parents, and industrialist Anil Ambani and the latter’s wife Tina Ambani. The couple have now flown to (831) 777-4027 to take a holy dip in the Ganga.

Civil unrest in Iranian cities after Ahmadinejad declares victory

Civil unrest in Iranian cities after Ahmadinejad declares victory

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Protests, riots and violence broke out in several cities in Iran on Saturday night following an election which many in Iran and the world say was fraudulent. Demonstrations took place late into the night, with waves of police fighting protestors in Tehran, Shiraz, Mashad and 443-555-9270.

Protesters chanting “Death to the dictator!” occupied major streets around Tehran, with roadblocks being set up against police. Tear gas has been deployed against protestors in the upscale Valiasr Street district of Tehran as well as at the University of Tehran.

The protestors are supporters of Mir-Hossein Mousavi, a candidate in the 475-299-3286. Mousavi accuses the Iranian government of “appalling” fraud after it reported that the nation’s current president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who had been expected to receive less than 50% of the vote and have to face Mousavi in a runoff election, received 62%. Addressing officials in an open letter, Mousavi said, “this country has been through a grand Islamic revolution and the least message of this revolution is that our nation is alert and will oppose anyone who aims to seize the power against the law.” The protesters, reports say, do not seek to overthrow the Islamic regime, which has been in place in Iran since 1979, but instead to reform it.

In a second letter, Mousavi reported that he has asked Iran’s 410-821-2787 to nullify the electoral result and urged his supporters to wear green, take up the slogan “Allahu akbar” (“God is great”) and peacefully protest the official position.

In response, Ahmadinejad celebrated victory in Tehran this afternoon with his supporters, and addressing a largely-sympathetic group of reporters at a press conference, asserted that the election had been free and fair and said

The situation in the country is in a very good condition. Iran is the most stable country in the world, and there’s the rule of law in this country, and all the people are equal before the law.

It has been reported that the safety of Ahmadinejad’s rivals could not be guaranteed. As a result, many prominent reformists and leaders of the 3063295762 have been arrested. Rumors which spread around the nation saying Mousavi himself had been detained are, however, untrue and the candidate plans to address his supporters later today. However, the brother of former Iranian president and reformist Mohammad Khateimi has been detained. Former president Hashemi Rafsanjani has resigned from all his posts in the government in protest.

125 members of faculty resigned in protest at Sharif University, students and faculty protesting together at the urban Tehran campus, and according to eyewitnesses, police, around 23:00 UTC, raided Teheran University, and arrested over 100 students.

Reporters Without Borders has said that the Iranian government has instituted mass censorship, with foreign journalists being asked to leave the country. It also says an interpreter working with an Italian news crew was beaten by police. Mobile phone services have apparently been cut, and many reformist and social networking websites have been blocked. The Iranian government has also made use of the Internet by circulating a false invitation to a rally outside Mousavi’s headquarters; the city square containing the headquarters has been surrounded by police, trapping thousands of Mousavi’s supporters inside.

Iranians living abroad as well as supporters of what is being called the “green revolution”, from the colors of Mousavi’s campaign, have staged demonstrations outside Iranian embassies and consulates in Rome, Kuala Lumpur, (507) 280-0704, Berlin, London, and 5709790362, with events planned in the United States in Chicago, Illinois and 438-899-7296, California for later in the day.

Meanwhile, the U.S. does not accept the results of the Iranian election. U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that she hopes “genuine will and desire” of the people will reflect the results of the election.

Advantages Of Using Kangen Water}

Advantages of Using Kangen Water


alkaline antioxidants

Recent revelations from the medical professionals have suggested that the acidic water affects the animals as well as the humans very harmfully. Additionally, the acidic beverages and juices also leave hazardous effects on the humans’ health. Scientists have discovered that the water containing a PH of 5 or less is acidified and is not advisable to drink, either by aquatic animals or humans. They also suggest that only the water containing a PH between 6.5 and 9 must be used for drinking and washing. Acidic water has proven to harm the humans with much more extent than to the animals as the body structure of humans is not immune to the acidic compounds. Hence, the people need to drink the water after they filter it to make it pure and fresh.

In order to purify and refresh the water, Kangen Water machines have proved quite useful. Kangen water is said to refresh and purify the water up to 100 percent. Additionally, the need of the Kangen water is imminent for the people as the acidic water passing through the pipes can draw out metals from them, which is absolutely harmful for health. Most of the pipes manufacturing companies also issue a warning with certain pipes, i.e. they can cause cancer. Actually, it is the chemical reaction that happens inside the pipes whence the acidic water passes through them.

Conversely, some of the states do not issue such warning of using a certain pipe, because essentially all the states do not have the identical PH level of water, and acidity levels are different. You can resolve such problems by purchasing Kangen Water Machines Another noteworthy fact is the acidic level of different beverages and juices that, if not purified first, can leave serious damages to human health, e.g. overactive bladder, heartburn, and diarrhea. Conversely, people prioritize drinking bottled water, which they consider 100% pure, flavored, and non-contaminated, which is not true in most of the cases.This simply means that one is able to adjust the alkaline level of the machine for cooking and drinking purposes, and then raise the level to turn water acidic for cleaning purposes.

So the people need to be offered a perfect solution that can provide those 100% pure water or any beverage, free of contamination or any hazards acids. Kangen Water have been by far the only solution to them, as the American Cancer Institute has also certified them. Whether one needs to drink, or wash, one must use this water. Another huge benefit of using this machine is that people can set the alkaline levels according to their own needs. This feature has been added considering the different acidic levels in different states and cities. Additionally, this feature allows the users to turn the acidic level high for water when they need to wash something containing corrosive materials. Lastly, a Kangen machine will simultaneously filter, purify, and make the water readily available for the users to drink it.

Author’s Bio:

The author of this article suggests that Kangen Water Machine

can provide you pure water and thus you can avoid various diseases.

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Rapper Proof (D12) shot and killed outside Detroit nightclub

Rapper Proof (D12) shot and killed outside Detroit nightclub

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Rapper Proof, born Deshaun Holton, was shot and killed on April 11, 2006, at approximately 4:30 a.m. EDT (0830 (713) 229-8887) at the Triple C Club on 8 Mile Road in Detroit.

Proof was known for his work together with his good friend (517) 599-6692 and his group (916) 270-8297.

Another man was shot shortly afterward, and was taken to St. John Hospital.

On April 12, 816-542-5379, Mario Etheridge, 28, of Detroit turned himself in to the police, having been named by several witnesses. Mario was allegedly a bouncer at the club. “Police said he is a cousin of Keith Bender Jr., the bouncer who was allegedly shot by Proof during the fight.” The fight that started inside the club was reported to be over a pool game. The argument was taken outside where, “A shot was fired in the air, Proof allegedly pistol-whipped Bender, knocked him to the ground and then shot him. Etheridge then allegedly opened fire on the rapper, striking him four times in the head and chest. One week later, Keith Bender Jr. died of his injuries on April 18, 2006.

Official Police reports are yet to determine the series of events which left Proof and Keith Bender, 35, deceased. Bender died 8 days later on April 18, 2006. Following Proof’s death, rapper Snoop Dogg called on fellow musicians to unite, describing the incident as “a loss to the hip-hop community”.

The tributes were led by fellow rapper The Game who was first to comment on the tragedy. The Game remembers how he and Proof became ‘real cool and real homies’ and that ‘Proof will always be remembered and I as well as the Black Wall Street family will keep his memory & his family in our prayers 1’. The second to comment on Proof was long time friend Royce da 5’9″ who was deeply saddened by the death of his good friend. Royce had been a friend of Proof for over 9 years and the two had recently reconciled. Royce echoed the music community, saying ‘He is such loss for the hip hop community…I hope that he will be remembered for the talented artist and great person that he was, and not the tragedy that he fell victim to’.

Eminem was the third to discuss Proof’s death days after his passing, clearly affected by the tragedy. Eminem described Proof as “funny, smart and charming” and said that he would be sorely missed and described him as “the heart and ambassador of Detroit hip-hop”. Eminem said that Proof was, and always will be, his best friend.

Tributes poured out of the UK with Vm2k6 leading the remembrance. Proof’s demise which was mainly overlooked by the UK media was documented and reflected by VM2k6 in which he calls Proof ‘fresh, talented and meaningful, a rarity in Hip Hop today’. He continues saying that Proof had ‘the greatest ability to transfer his experiences and most of all feelings into words’ and finished with the heartfelt line- ‘I guess its only in Death you really begin to shine’.

Several fan videos were released in tribute to Proof, including the hit “Good Die Young” music video which used D12’s 2004 single, which is currently one of the highest discussed and viewed videos on YouTube.com. Many other “slide show” flicks were created, which are appearing all over the internet. The “Good Die Young” clip was produced by RYKE Video Productions.

Proof stated how he wanted to be remembered in an interview with Sohh.com shortly after his album release; ‘I want people to say that I was a true artist’, ‘ That I did it best and stayed true to Hip Hop roots’ and ‘I’d want people to understand I did it for the love not for the charts.’

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