Incredible Solutions Today

Raxar has built some incredible solutions for a multitude of different industries
because of the robust flexibility of their core product, the GRAiT System.


E-Construction Made Easy

The GRAiT System is an easy choice to remove redundant processes and enhance current systems.
Why buy 5 systems when you can get one that integrates everything seamlessly?


New Generation in Airport Technology

Take your airport into the future with the comprehensive Part 139, Airside,
Landside, and CMMS system all build into one easy-to-use mobile tool.


ADA Compliance Issues... A Thing of the Past

With the GRAiT ADA solutions, organizations and inspectors can identify barriers right on their mobile devices,
and open up work orders directly in the same system to remediate issues quickly and cost-effectively.

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A Comprehensive Bridge Inspection Tool... No Problem!

Want to save 65% of your bridge inspection and reporting time? Come see how we seamlessly measure
bridge cracks without grid layout, and streamline the reporting process for normal inspections.

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Facility Management Streamlined

Take your facility into the future with our total solution for facility management. From work-orders to Move-In/Out
inspections, we allow you to seamlessly see what condition your facility is in anytime, anywhere.

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Dedicated Team of Engineers

Raxar Technology Corporation is a global thought leader and provider of the next generation of integrated, real-time mobile solutions based on context and sensor technologies. Clients are able to collect, manage and deliver detailed information associated with their assets in real time while utilizing a highly configurable solution for multiple aspects of their organization. Raxar's proven solutions easily integrate and complement existing systems by further providing meaningful, standardized data that reduces costs, improves decision-making, and streamlines operational processes.


What Our Clients Say

“I love how powerful and easy the Raxar system is!”
Deputy Commissioner
Department of Aviation Rep.
“We saw 65% time savings in just 1 month!”
Engineering Firm Rep.
Bridge Inspection Project
“Thank you guys... I love your product and the evolution of it!”
Midway Int. Airport
Facilities Manager
“The GRAiT System could save me nearly 80% of my inspection and reporting time.”
State Defense Rep.
“GRAiT is like the system we piloted... only on steroids!”
Utilities Rep.
“This is the FUTURE of e-Construction!”
Construction Exec.
State DOT

The GRAiT ™ System integrates important aspects of your Organization's
information instantly from your iPhone or iPad; anywhere, any time.

Instead of focusing on only one stage or a portion of the asset lifecycle, as with other enterprise and customized solutions on the market,
the GRAiT System™ (Graphical Real-Time Asset Inspection and Tracking System), takes a holistic, integrated approach to optimizing
the life cycle of assets beginning at a conceptual design and continuing through manufacturing/construction, maintenance, and
decommissioning. With such a configurable system, our industry pages were only able to scratch the surface when it comes to
the multitude of use cases that this amazing system can be utilized for.


Case Study

The current state of the U.S. transportation infrastructure can be described as aging, inadequate and neglected. According to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), more than 20% of the nation's 600,000 bridges are rated as structurally deficient or functionally obsolete. These circumstances has led state departments of transportation and other bridge owners to become more reactive than proactive in their approach to managing and addressing the Nation's highway bridge preservation and replacement needs.

As one of the world's leading engineering professional services and consulting firms, WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff (WSP|PB) continually strives to develop and provide innovative solutions for their clients and in turn, challenges in which our nation's infrastructure faces. The first major success to this problem was demonstrated through Raxar's service and the GRAiT System's easy configurability and intuitive user interface.

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Learn more about how the GRAiT System can benefit your airport.

We are dedicated to pushing the future in the technologies that are provided to airports today. Old, antiquated software's just do not cut it for the fast growing and highly regulated industry of aviation. Learn more about how we can work together.


ADA Major Issue in United State

Over 40,000 businesses were sued in 2015 alone for ADA compliance issues resulting in hundreds of millions of dollars of fines. We understood that it was time for something to change, and in a big way. It is amazing what technology can do if put in the hands of good people.


e-Construction is only the First Step

The GRAiT System has been able to pick up some amazing traction in the federal highway construction industry, and that is because it takes a brand new approach to an old problem. See how we are integrating the full lifecycle of assets into the construction process making it intuitive and simple to manage.

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Comprehensive Adaptable Solutions

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