Budapest is not Bucharest.

Dirk was captured, but he's been released.

Evan has asked for time off next week.

Christmas is coming soon.

If it were not for your help, I could not run this store.

Emma types better than Pradeep.

This rope is 200 yen a meter.

He could swim free in the lake.

Why won't Miki let you use his car?

I haven't seen him around.

Brender leaned in and gave Knapper a passionate kiss on the mouth.

Hume fell in the swimming pool.

You shouldn't coddle her so much. She needs to learn to be independent.

Here are a few examples.

Don't put anything in the bag.

You'd better put aside some money for a rainy day.

I got the thrid degree last night from my parents because I got home two hours late.

One must do one's duty.

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Valentine's Day is on Sunday this year.

May I have permission to board this ship?

Karen isn't really sick; she's just pretending.


The lotus blossoms diffused an inexpressibly pleasant scent.

Arteries, veins, and capillaries are the three main types of blood vessel.

Old chose to spend Christmas with Alejandro rather than with his family.

How come you didn't tell me Claude was going to Boston with us?

Would you like to stay for dinner?


His parents hate me.


Jeffie didn't attempt to reply.

My sister is kind to children.

We're good at it.

I'm looking for my ballpoint pen.

Bruno hasn't adapted yet to the new reality.

Dan didn't even slap Linda.

The world will be saved by beauty.

This is an important point.

That's a good idea!


Intelligence is our ability to begin understanding (or adapting to) new information, regardless of past familiarity.

I couldn't hear what was being said.

I wonder if he enjoyed the last match.

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Following the docking failure of an unmanned Russian freighter to the International Space Station, its partners are considering a temporary mothballing of the station.

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It is next to impossible to carry it out.

Whenever you need help, feel free to call on me.

He sees no company.

Spyros decided he had to tell Malaclypse the truth.

Natraj is really good at French, isn't he?

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Look at the blackboard, everyone.

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Donovan was really cold.

Wounds heal, scars remain.

I heard that he bought a new computer.

Can you hear?

He's unlucky to a pitiful extent.

A cynic is a blackguard whose faulty vision sees things as they are, not as they ought to be.

Is love just a game for you?

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Do you need more money?

I own a house in Boston.

Thanks for your input.

Gerda was glad to be on dry land again, although she was a little afraid of the strange old lady.

You lied about taking the money, didn't you?

Take out your homework.

The honest old man became rich.

Cary lied to you.

Shahid thought it was a bad idea.


I'll try to keep that in mind.

He is a man of reason.

We love our customers.

You'll succeed if you try.

I feel lucky to have been chosen.

My mother washes clothes every day.

This is my first time to ever ride in a helicopter.

That's the theory.

She thought they were about to fly out through the open window.


We have to set up the tent in the shade of that tree.

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Anne needed to fill out lots of forms.

Only those with IDs are allowed to enter.

My father is a silent person.

It's possible that they haven't seen each other's faces.

Himawan can't control his children.


As the train was crowded, I kept standing all the way to Kyoto.

He broke a window.

In this country there are only few examples that ideology and religion are helpful in character building for people.

How much time do you spend playing games?

Please don't let anyone know where I am.

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Who knows where he has gone.

Art inserted the key into the lock.

So many people are starving to death in the country.


It was a silly question.

Hume fell head over heels in love with Pat.

What are you two doing in here?

I want to eat a Dapanji!

She is more shy than cold.


I want him to win.


I don't know how to use this.

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Have you told Kelvin why you don't like it here?


Everyone has left except Edith and Arlene.

If there is somebody to back me up, the business will be successful.

At that time no thought of danger crossed my mind.


Vaughn hates it when Stacey asks him to explain the same thing more than once.

Marlena knows Rajendra pretty well.

My tastes differ greatly from yours.

He was put under anesthesia.

Raise your hand if you have a question.

Father visited my uncle in hospital.

Andy's constant nagging really got to Miriamne after a while.


I'm starting college in a couple of months.

Can you please tell me what time the train leaves?

No one's seen her in a while.


How did Mysore become the boss?

I like that, too.

I am studying hard so that I can pass the exam.

He is busy writing a letter.

The train is due at noon.

It's very big.

What's your favorite Anime?

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All life is a series of activities.

It was a big misunderstanding.

A careless person is apt to make mistakes.

Tharen wants to come with us to Boston.

He ran too fast for us to catch up with.

"Would you like something to drink?" "Sorry, no thanks."

Maybe we should help Meehan.

After running up so many flights of steps, she was completely out of breath.

See you tomorrow in the library.


I'm trying to help now.

He helps out in his father's store.

Barrio wants to be loved.

That's up to him.

Your red cheeks give away your perversion.


You could have said something.

Why are you still complaining?

I left the notes in the dormitory. I'll go back and get them now.


Never forget to lock the door.

I thought you were serious.

She beat the odds and won the lottery.

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I can't come right now.

I'll bring it to you.

Don't take this the wrong way.

When you're preparing food for someone, please don't pick your nose, scratch your ass, or sneeze in your hands.

Let's play another game.


Which seat do you want please?

All men are equal according to law.

He thought that he could climb the mountain.

This is his letter, but it is not signed.

I have to be home by 2:30.

He lives on this street.

He was in a hurry to begin the new job.

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Think about tomorrow.

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We learn much from experience.

I don't know what I've been so afraid of.

That's smart.

My mind is at ease believing you'll keep the secret.

How much is this racket?


I want your opinion, too.

Julie said he had a daughter.

I have a huge amount of clothes in my closet.


Can you go with us?

If it rains tomorrow, I'll just stay at home.

Arne took Jeanette to the hospital on the back of his motorcycle.

Live and let live.

Is this project even feasible?


I'm tied up at the office.


I'm here for you.


Knowing my post may help your (already stellar) writing makes me as happy as a flea in a doghouse!

When you love what you do, it shows.

Let it go.