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This tutorial shows how to leverage the Odoo Javascript Framework to develop a modern Single-Page application. We'll see the Widget class lifetime, how to make rpc calls to the server, how to use several useful tools of the Odoo Framework such as dialogs, notifications, etc.

It follows the same principle as my Odoo Experience Talk on the same subject, but the application developed here is based on a real use case instead of a small-scale tutorial application missing several features of a true application.

The application we'll be developing is a Foosball (a.k.a Kicker in these regions) social network of sorts.

Since early last year, Odoo S.A. has made the tremendous acquisition of a Kicker table (and a good one at that); but we were left with 2 problems:

  • it's impossible to know one's progress with time
  • a finite resource will need to friciton, and it …

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Learn how to integrate a simple client-side routing library in an Odoo Web App.

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