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"We appreciate your company’s continued development work on what I view as an excellent product."

-- Elaine McMillan, GCT Canada
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Core Features

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  • verified_userSOLAS VGM Support
    Full support for SOLAS VGM weight.
  • check_boxFile Validation
    When you upload a file, we validate the structure of the file to ensure it adheres to SMDG EDIFACT standards. Any errors are displayed to assist you with diagnosing the issue.
  • dehazeMain Content
    Our website allows you to display content in a highly customizable data table. Search, sort and filter records as you need. Customizations are saved to our database for all shared users to benefit from.
  • dashboardPivot Summary
    Create, save and load pivot reports, allowing you to instantly give counts of any combination of container attributes. Click on a count to list the matching container numbers.
  • printFull Cargo Print
    Print all bays on the vessel to PDF.
  • directions_boatVessel Summary
    Display vessel totals for containers, TEU, Full, Empty, Reefers, Hazardous, OOG, 20', 40' 45', Breakbulk.
  • donut_largeCargo Summary
    Display cargo summary totals by Carrier, Port of Discharge and Port of Load for containers, TEU, Full, Empty, Reefers, Hazardous, OOG, 20', 40' 45', Breakbulk.
  • mapRouting Summary
    Display cargo summary totals by Route for containers, TEU, Full, Empty, Reefers, Hazardous, OOG, 20', 40' 45', Breakbulk.
  • color_lensCustom Colours
    Customize the colours used for specific Ports, ISO Codes, Lengths etc. to match the colours your company is used to seeing.
  • assessmentBay Summary
    Display cargo summary totals by Bay for containers, TEU, Full, Empty, Reefers, Hazardous, OOG, 20', 40' 45', Breakbulk.
  • webHeader Details
    View, validate and edit the BAPLIE file header and footer details. We translate all codes into their plain text meaning, so you don't have to.
  • errorAnomalies
    Instantly see any records that would cause problems in other applications such as containers with no ISO code, no weight, invalid positions, missing POD or POL values, multiple containers in the same slot and more.
  • settingsPersisting User Preferences
    Filters, color options, pivot reports and column visibility preferences are all saved to our database so they persist across all uploaded BAPLIE files.
  • file_downloadDownload BAPLIE
    Any changes made using our onscreen editing functionality can be downloaded as a new BAPLIE file. We also provide the ability to convert the uploaded BAPLIE into a different version, such as BAPLIE 1.5 to 2.2, or 2.2 to 1.5 etc.
  • merge_typeMerge Files
    If you need to merge two or more BAPLIE files into a single file, this can be done easily from our website.
  • zoom_out_mapDischarge / Load / Restow
    Perform full Discharge, Load and Restow operations using the Move Containers functionality. Full validation is available to confirm containers and positions input are not blocked.
"Nice work. 3D view is awesome"

-- Gary Dushatinski, CP&O
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Security and Confidentiality


Peace of Mind

Since our tool is only available as an online application, your IT department does not have to worry about installing any potentially harmful software on your machine. Nothing to install means they do not have to spend their valuable time checking the software for viruses when somebody new wants to use the software, or any time updates are made available.

HTTPS / SSL Security

BAPLIE Viewer Online uses SSL encryption to keep your data secure. Our SSL certificate is issued by Click the icon above to get verification that our SSL certificate is up-to-date. SSL is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser, which means that all data passed between the web server and browser remains private.


Private Data

Our servers save the BAPLIE files you upload to a secure area on our server that is strictly only accessible by your login, and our support team (only with written authority from you). Data is automatically deleted 7 days after uploaded or modified.

"I want to thank you for this great site and for all the help it has given me."

-- Fabian A. Betancout M.

Memberships and Pricing



$ 0 .00 /mo
  • 3 UPLOADS TOTAL help_outline
  • ALL FEATURES enabled help_outline



$ 39 .99 /mo *
  • Upload UNLIMITED BAPLIE files help_outline
  • NEW!Upload UNLIMITED MOVINS files help_outline
  • FIX missing segments help_outline COMING SOON
  • Display UNLIMITED records help_outline
  • NEW!ADVANCED QUERY Builder help_outline
  • NEW!CUSTOMIZABLE data table help_outline
  • SUMMARY reports help_outline
  • 2D viewer help_outline
  • FULL CARGO view help_outline
  • NEW!3D MODEL of vessel help_outline
  • NEW!PIVOT table reporting help_outline
  • EXPORT to Excel help_outline
  • NEW!Custom TEU CALCULATIONS help_outline



$ 49 .99 /mo *
  • ALL GOLD FEATURES plus... help_outline
  • EDIT records help_outline
  • MERGE BAPLIE files together help_outline
  • DOWNLOAD as BAPLIE help_outline
  • Edit HEADER details help_outline
  • CONVERT BAPLIE version help_outline
  • NEW!ISO and UN/LOC REMAPPING help_outline
  • NEW!IMPORT data from Excel table help_outline
  • DISCHARGE operations help_outline COMING SOON
  • RESTOW operations help_outline COMING SOON
  • LOAD operations help_outline COMING SOON
  • NEW!CONVERT BAPLIE to MOVINS help_outline

"I'm stunned by the capabilities your application provides.
BAPLIE editing on-the-fly is everything the world ever needed! Many thanks for your hard work on this extraordinarily useful tool!"

-- Dzial E - Planowanie

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