How come Nicolo isn't making lunch?

The time when mankind is free from hunger is yet to come.

Vice is cool, isn't he?

I'm going to fix it myself.

Dr. Hawking was diagnosed with Ameliotrophic Lateral Sclerosis while at Oxford.

I cannot relax if one of my friends is anxious.

This isn't very sophisticated technology.


Cristina pretended everything was OK.

The potential is obvious.

He is too drunk to drive home.

His cries for help were drowned by the roar of the surf.

He went to Nagoya on business.

Everyone has seven fingers and three toes.

Francis arrived at Galeao at six.

We're not out of danger yet.

Svante called Luis names to her face.


She is kind.

What room would you like to reserve?

The sun never sets on my empire.

I saw you working and I didn't bother you.

Once upon a time, there was a cat whose name was Tango.

Deirdre was attacked.

These all belong to me.


She is not the kind of person you think she is.

To my sister Maya, my sister Alma, all my other brothers and sisters, thank you so much for all the support that you've given me.

A dictionary defines words.

Sonja has to tell somebody.

We're having a party Friday evening.

Piete isn't the only one who missed the meeting.

Does Sanand really expect me to believe that?

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Talking to your plants doesn't help them grow faster.

She went for a walk with him this morning.

How do I help her?

Kerry has a very quick mind.

There are more stars in the sky than I can count.

You're not going to help me, are you?

I'd rather die than give you this.

I'm good at soccer.

Rajarshi plans to go there by himself.

No one can help me.

I took a walk.

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Carisa tried to get me to help him.


I've never seen you laugh.


She asked us if we would like to cook.

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Sorry, but I'm busy.

I hope that you will like it.

If my memory serves me right, Caleb and Susan got married in October of 2003.

He's one of a kind.

I need to know now.

The little child drools whenever he hears of something delicious.

They're living in a fantasy world.

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Laurianne doesn't really love Kate.

Frempong Emmanuel Okyere has been made president of the Kwahuman Scholars Association.

Alfred was left with no other choice.

Novorolsky noticed that he and Isidore were finally alone together.

We're usually busier in the summer than in the winter.

Has prison changed her?

We work for Craig.


Francois pulled into the driveway, unfastened his seat belt and got out of the car.


I'm also taking this train.


Is it a good material?

You'll end up in jail.

That sea is called the Mediterranean Sea.

My army is getting ready!

Would you mind if I took a break?

Jerrie laughed uproariously.

It was obviously a mistake.

How are you going to tell them?

Have you been shot?

Don't even try to talk me to death - I have earplugs.

It's not a watch.

Who has more fans, Celine Dion or Mariah Carey?

Spanish, French, Italian and Romanian are latin languages.


You're a penny-pincher.

There are four of us and how many of you are there?

Do I look like an idiot?


One should brush one's teeth every day.

The situation is still tense.

"Chill down, fatty." "Don't call me an idiot!"

Without a doubt, he's an honest man.

They sent the letters last month.

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This road is under repair.

Diana's singing impressed him so much that he asked her to sing on the radio.

Seen at a distance, the rock looks like a human face.

He told me to be kind to others.

Morris is indecisive.


I neglected to note it in my calendar.

I want to buy a shirt.

They were all here.

I was excited when I won.

Humour has justly been regarded as the finest perfection of poetic genius.


Rudy never knew Amir felt that way.

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Cindy is the one who can speak French, not me.

It's official now.

He didn't tell John about the accident.

Can you sing a song for everyone?

Did Micheal say where he found your wallet?


I always get up at 6.


I can't go to work.

Amigo is super busy.

I'll pick them up later.

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This teenage pop star has been described as androgynous.

Petr is sucking his thumb.

We have enough time.


I was hoping to talk to you about what needs to be done.

The greater part of the money was spent.

Speaking foreign languages is not easy.

I cannot call Taninna back. I don't have money.

We're going to find a cure.

How much money has been spent on building the museum?

His ingratitude is never at an end.

I have an interest in my uncle's business in Boston.

That's why we didn't tell you.

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Tell them I had to leave.

I'm going to call him later.

He's adorable.

I'm just trying to make a buck.

Lord asked Edmund for her telephone number.

He's over forty.

Frances decided to join the army.

I expected a little privacy.

A single day can change the course of history.

Can foreign students be in the club?

We're staying in a different hotel.


I gave most of my money away.

I had hardly reached the school when the bell rang.

The manager reprimanded the man who was pounding on the table.

This store has lots of great gifts.

Next, we will talk to Ms. Pam Roland.

Over the weekend I have a lot to wash.

The possibilities are endless.

You can't overdose on homeopathic medicine.

Thank you, sir, for your kindness.


Jesper turned on the music.


I chose not to leave.

Emil will assist me.

You really do play tap dance quite well.



Did Clarence seem upset about anything?

Tell Sherman to be here by 2:30.


My email address is hans@karlolo.net.


No matter what happens, keep the door locked and don't come outside.

What's on your mind?

I really like this one.


No one was supposed to be there.

That's good coffee.

Oh, It's cheap!

The little boy laughed a merry laugh.

Let me know what you decide.

Aristotle, who lived from 384 to 322 BC, believed the Earth was round. He thought Earth was the center of the universe and that the Sun, Moon, planets, and all the fixed stars revolved around it.

Prussia is not Russia.


There have been many cases of cholera this year.

She was absent from school owing to sickness.

Carbon monoxide poisoning can cause hallucinations.

Fay is a very good dancer.

Don't make silly faces, or your face will get stuck like that.

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We all got distracted.

Sanche has a scar on his arm.

This film is an adaptation of a novel.

I'm not concerned.

I'm looking at the house.

Grace went out of the room.

You've made Oscar unhappy.

Holly is young and immature.

There is a red rose in the vase.

I hope you and your wife can make it to our party.

I hope you didn't suffer.