Coaching and Consulting

Sounds like the perfect life right?

You find and take care of a select group of clients in your area of expertise or passion – each of them hand-picked and committed, rearing to go – clients that will listen, act on your coaching and advice and stay with you, loyal to the end.

They appreciate the value your expertise, experience, accountability and support will make and does make to their: businesses, cash flow, property portfolio, wealth, personal growth, health, weight loss … and they pay consistently and on time.

You get to work in an area that you love, making a difference, feeling that your experiences to date have all been worthwhile.

And, you get your own time back. Coaching and consulting with a small group means low contact hours and plenty of free time …… for your family, golf, writing your book, anything you want.

It sounds like nirvana. Right?

Well, for some. But frankly, not for many.

For most Coaches or consultants – whether you’re a Business Coach, Wealth Coach, Executive Coach, Life Coach, Health Coach, Real Estate Coach, whatever the genre – what looks like an easy game at the outset often proves much harder than expected.

  • Clients are harder to find and win than you thought.
  • There’s a personal brand to build.
  • Marketing to be done.
  • Business to be developed.
  • Networking and more networking. New clients to win.

Selling has to happen - even if that’ not your first passion or why you got into this business! Turns out if you can’t sell you can’t eat!

Then there’s servicing your clients, keeping them on their toes AND happy. A tough gig in itself.

Clients lose motivation… And stop paying.

You lose motivation … And stop growing.

Of course, in that process there’s content to be developed – what are you going to do with each and every client? What are you going to talk about at your next session? What do they need to get the best results and to stick with you over time? What process delivers the best results for them and for you? What materials go hand in hand with that? Where’s the leverage?

Then there’s the dreaded admin – paperwork, bookkeeping and accounting – getting paid on time, every time, managing cashflow …………….. And so it goes.

Ultimately, it’s a lot.

Usually much more than people realise until they’re IN the coaching business of some kind – they’ve taken the leap, potentially left a high paying role, done the ‘how to’ coaching course, got the business card and website to prove it – and they find out that it is MUCH harder than it looks.

In reality, coaches spend their time juggling the demands of business development, branding, marketing, selling, content development, servicing and delivery, managing the most unpredictable - and predictable of creatures - human beings (!), as well as admin, cash flow, bookkeeping and accounting requirements.

So … that’s where MasterDojo comes in.

We offer Coaches of every kind a place where life gets that little bit easier.

While we can’t solve all the challenges of being a Coach (yet), we can help where it counts in critically important areas like:

  • Making it easy for potential clients to find and CHOOSE you.
  • Differentiating you from the pack.
  • Building your credibility in an instant.
  • Winning more clients with less effort.
  • Capturing referrals (that have a need and have been told by a trusted source that you are awesome) in a click.
  • Giving your clients a private place to feel they belong (and where their data will be safe).
  • Creating a community quickly and easily.
  • Having your clients share their wins with you on a private – and public – platform.
  • Generating and publishing content in a moment.
  • Accessing ready-made materials – articles, documents, tools – from the world’s best sources, that makes you look like an even bigger Guru in your field.
  • Tapping into and utilizing ready made products and services so you can just plug and play and tweak those to suit, verses having to spend time building those yourself.
  • Announcing special offers, events and news with the flick of button to an engaged base of clients.
  • Increasing your perceived value and the ‘stickiness’ of your clients to you.
  • Adding more value than your competitors.

Ultimately, making that difference you came into the coaching world to make … to more people, more easily and, far more profitably than you can right now.

Here’s how MasterDojo works?

We’re creating a platform unlike any other in the coaching and experts services industry that enables coaches, consultants and experts and their existing and potential clients to interact, adding enormous value to all parties in the process.

For your coaching &/or consulting business,

It’s a place where you can find new clients and they can find you! You can add content, leverage materials, build a following community quickly, grow your business by referrals and much more.

For potential clients,

It’s a place to search for credible coaches that feel like a match and then explore that easily and quickly.

For your existing clients,

It’s a home. A resource base. A connected network. A tool they use daily, weekly, monthly to grow with your support. It’s adds VALUE to their coaching experience.

The Coaching and Consulting industry taken a beating

  • Reputation of coaches damaged by unqualified, sausage factory coaching companies
  • How do you stand out?
  • No regulatory body … quasi ones only
  • Pricing is market driven

Clients can feel safe that you have been approved/checked and therefore more likely to decrease resistance, build trust and have them want to talk with you and purchase.

Fastest way to grow any business is via referrals.

However while word of mouth is the most powerful, cost effective easiest way to grow any business, its generally not systemized, hard to manage and happens in an ad hoc fashion. Heaven forbide you would have an awkward conversation to ASK for referrals!! However, someone who is referred to you is 4 times more likely to buy from you. Given most coaches don’t love selling that’s pretty critical.

Sales is often the toughest part for most coaches

They didn’t come into this business to sell they came into it to make a difference. Trick is you cant make that difference is you cant get people to buy from you … ie if you cant sell – definition – have someone see real value in what you can provide and it creates an exchange of money for in most coaching related business, growth whether personal or professional.

This platform eases the sales process – people choose you, or are referred to you making them much more likely to buy.

Value add for clients is network/community/resources

Ability to find new trusted market and do business with others (the opportunity to earn coaching fees back by selling services to your other clients), feel they are part of a tribe, something larger than them etc).

Access templates and resources so they don’t have to create – and can only access them through this platform ie you (e.g. Burke’s stuff could be exclusive partner here).

Your network is your net wealth.

MasterDojo Features

Cloud based Digital Platform powered by Artificial Intelligence

Referral System

Provide existing clients a simple THREE click referral system via App, so they can recommend YOU to their family and friends easily! Capture and track those leads, see if they took action and incentivise clients for successful referral. Achieve higher engagement from current clients, higher and stronger leads and improved conversion resulting in exponential growth of the business.


Build a closed community and network of your existing and past clients, enable interactions and value exchange within this like minded community who is yours. Allow them to find and connect with each other, trusting the relationship they have with you and your organisation.

Manage Content

A cloud based secure space to source all your coaching content including text, documents, pictures, audio or videos recordings. Nominate your content as free or paid. Publish it to all clients or only a select group and schedule your content publishing once so every week your clients receive their scheduled content from you.

Digitally Interact

Allow your clients an opportunity to interact with you, one-on-one or in a group. Instantly connecct and respond when your clients need you or request coaching support when it matters most!

Event Registration

Create coaching events and allow participants to see details, register and pay for the events and seminars.


Receive video feedback and testimonials from your clients. Share them within your client community, groups and on social media for marketing based on recorded consent.

Be Found in the Market

Be found in the Market connecting with potential clients who are looking for your specific expertise. Our Artificially intelligent enabled algorithm will connect people with expert coaches.

Dashboard and Insights

See your clients interactions, referrals, distinguish popular content versus unpopular, drive your community interactions and responses to your services and continue to improve based on intelligence offered by data collected from your and your community's usage of the Platform.

Maintain Security and Privacy

Maintain tight user controls of who accesses your content, how often and to what extent. Your content is your IP, protect it while allowing your clients to consume it. Maintain client confidentiality and implement improved privacy of client interaction data.

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Ultimately, making that difference you came into the coaching world to make … to more people, more easily and, far more profitable than you can right now.