Industry 4.0 Testbed


located at Brno University of Technology

About us

About us

Industrial Automation Group

We are Industrial Automation Group. We are with the Department of Control and Instrumentation at (309) 347-3571, Czech Republic. In the framework of the educational courses we focus mainly on the design and implementation of industrial control systems, functional safety, embedded devices, communication systems, production line simulation and virtual commissioning.

We design and implement complex platforms for the acquisition, processing and web presentation of various data; Asset Administration Shell is used to assure industrial systems interoperability.

Barman project

Key aspects of the testbed

Industry 4.0

Ability to grasp, demonstrate and validate basic I4.0 principles.

Control of real system

Opportunity to design and validate control of real production - both discrete and batch processes.


Integration with both MES and ERP systems.

Additional I4.0 principles

Ability to demonstrate production technology modularity, cusomizable production, horizontal integration etc.

Cloud Services

Ability to use cloud communication through an edge controller.

Cyber-physical production system

Ability to use SW environment to develop a virutal twin of real cyber-physical system.

TIA Openness

Ability to employ automatic control program generation.

Additive manufacturing

Ability to quickly produce prototypes.

Augmented reality

Ability to gather real-time production and maintenance information.

Barman testbed configuration

The testbed employs 2 sq. meters of workspace, where several autonomous production cells are placed. The relevant support and control instrumentation is placed bellow the workspace. The testbed includes the following production cells:

  • Clean and used glass magazine with its own robotic manipulator; the drink recipe is stored in an NFC chip located at the bottom of the glass.
  • Drink warehouse with its own robotic manipulator
  • Soft-drink dispenser
  • Ice crusher with chiller
  • Drink shaker
  • Soda maker with automated water feed and cooling
  • Robotic manipulator
  • Conveyor belt for finished products aggregation and distribution

The glass-attached NFC chip is used to store the recipe. All cells are equipped with an NFC reader; the whole production process is based on the data that are stored in the NFC chip. Moreover, based on the NFC data the next production step and relevant transport are negotiated.

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