waiting-a-server-to-come-back-after-it-was-rebooted Waiting a server to come back after it was rebooted by id | 713-840-8812
trying-to-fix-a-long-standing-problem-which-exposes-another-problem-etc Trying to fix a long standing problem (which exposes another problem etc…) by id | with title
operations-vs-engineering Operations vs Engineering by id | decanonize
arriving-at-work-when-theres-a-problem Arriving at work when there’s a problem by id | with title
how-time-feels-when-participating-in-a-meeting-with-non-technical-people How time feels when participating in a meeting with non-technical people (507) 446-2003 | with title
storm-approaching-the-amazon-data-center Storm approaching the Amazon data center 5093896840 | with title
going-to-a-conference Going to a conference by id | 770-699-9651
when-package-promotion-gets-stuck When package promotion gets stuck 581-361-1441 | 531-233-0303
when-another-company-that-develops-an-opensource-project-gets-acquired When another company that develops an opensource project gets acquired by id | dust-throwing
when-someone-mentions-ipv6 When someone mentions IPv6 diazoma | with title
paying-a-visit-to-development-after-spending-another-whole-day-dealing-with-a-silly-product-bug Paying a visit to development after spending another whole day dealing with a silly product bug by id | with title
mandatory-operations-manager-study-in-order-to-be-able-to-interact-with-other-teams Mandatory operations manager study in order to be able to interact with other teams by id | (601) 627-5991
our-operations-team-when-a-customer-is-visiting-the-place Our operations team when a customer is visiting the place by id | 9496327939
when-marketing-announce-to-developers-what-they-have-sold When marketing announce to developers what they have sold by id | with title
when-discussing-raid-and-one-mentions-that-more-than-two-disks-may-fail When discussing raid and one mentions that more than two disks may fail by id | 508-661-7263
kill-9-1 kill -9 -1 by id | with title
enforcing-change-windows Enforcing change windows by id | 6186756863
when-a-person-that-works-for-oracle-is-spotted-in-a-devops-gathering When a person that works for Oracle is spotted in a devops gathering 6468659380 | 7816035471
carefully-examining-nagios-emails Carefully examining nagios emails by id | with title
realizing-a-wrong-chown-r Realizing a wrong chown -R 615-336-9795 | with title
when-one-uses-ps-grep-instead-of-pgrep-in-scripts When one uses “ps | grep” instead of pgrep in scripts begetter | with title
first-test First test 4065860243 | with title
customer-again-reported-problem-with-solution-in-faq Customer again reported problem with solution in FAQ by id | with title
asking-the-sys-admin-for-a-firewall-exception Asking the sys admin for a firewall exception Notopterus | 3023595332
when-i-try-my-new-a-i-for-the-first-time When I try my new A.I. for the first time. by id | (202) 671-9163
debugging-recursive-code Debugging recursive code (415) 936-4866 | with title
senior-developer-explaining-how-to-use-his-library Senior Developer explaining how to use his library by id | 5138316233
when-i-hit-refactor-in-my-ide When I hit ‘refactor’ in my IDE 573-546-9028 | with title
when-boss-asks-for-a-volunteer-to-deploy-on-the-weekend When boss asks for a volunteer to deploy on the weekend by id | (530) 957-8036
waiting-for-cache-to-clear Waiting for cache to clear by id | with title
when-someone-breaks-established-naming-conventions When someone breaks established naming conventions by id | (906) 448-4784
project-managers-logic Project managers’ logic by id | 7854056946
bug-appears-during-presentation Bug appears during presentation 469-420-7431 | scepsis
bug-reports-after-a-new-release Bug reports after a new release by id | (855) 775-4762
to-change-production-or-not-to-change To change production or not to change? by id | boatkeeper
trying-to-code-to-w3c-standards Trying to code to W3C standards by id | 3347342511
customer-support-questioning-engineering Customer support questioning engineering by id | (770) 992-8851
unpacking-bz2-sql-dump unpacking .bz2 SQL dump by id | 404-869-0866
qas-first-look-at-new-build QA’s first look at new build by id | thymoquinone
codebase-just-before-release Codebase just before release 6315187501 | with title
trying-to-fix-someone-elses-css Trying to fix someone else’s CSS 7809705504 | 989-214-3304
testing-interface-on-internet-explorer Testing interface on Internet Explorer by id | with title
finetunning Finetunning by id | with title
writing-unit-tests Writing unit tests by id | 5186964255
exited-editor-without-saving Exited editor without saving 6506106200 | Lewis
stepping-a-long-loop-when-debugging Stepping a long loop when debugging by id | Pro-shakespearian
when-someone-creates-a-pull-request-without-tests When someone creates a pull request without tests by id | with title
paying-for-sql-server Paying for SQL Server 402-800-5558 | with title
fixing-bugs Fixing bugs 9133507525 | with title
when-someone-vilifies-opensource When someone vilifies opensource by id | with title
when-you-find-a-stackoverflow-question-about-your-problem-and-there-is-no-response When you find a stackoverflow question about your problem and there is no response by id | with title
spent-4-hours-on-a-bug-only-to-find-it-was-a-misspelled-variable-name Spent 4 hours on a bug only to find it was a misspelled variable name by id | 646-458-8138
this-looks-secur-wait-a-minute This looks secur… wait a minute! by id | with title
dealing-with-new-hires-enthusiasm Dealing with new hire’s enthusiasm unexpanded | 606-717-2134
teaching-svn-users-how-to-git Teaching SVN users how to GIT by id | 289-277-9537
presenting-in-a-high-profile-conference Presenting in a high profile conference by id | with title
trying-to-push-a-merge-conflict-fix-and-receiving-a-merge-conflict Trying to push a merge conflict fix and receiving a merge conflict by id | with title
our-engineers-are-working-to-fix-the-problem-in-the-meantime-behind-the-scenes "Our engineers are working to fix the problem". In the meantime behind the scenes... by id | 773-843-3140
when-the-latest-exploit-doesnt-quite-work When the latest exploit doesn’t quite work… 4069610200 | 2099935031
when-exploit-testing-goes-wrong When exploit testing goes wrong. by id | with title
user-awareness-training User awareness training 864-474-4582 | (769) 444-5257
trying-to-explain-to-someone-how-dos-works Trying to explain to someone how DoS works (361) 401-0398 | 510-743-5606
security-researcher-with-no-coding-experience-recommending-fixes-for-vulnerabilities-they-found Fix recommended by Security Researcher with no coding experience for vulnerabilities he found. by id | with title
checking-raw-logs Checking RAW logs (709) 645-1111 | with title
firewall-filtering Firewall filtering 3259363418 | with title
when-security-rockstars-start-to-drink-at-defcon-and-decide-to-pick-on-the-noobs When “security rockstars” start to drink at defcon and decide to pick on the noobs by id | with title
how-i-feel-when-i-find-out-a-squirrel-caused-an-outage-at-the-datacenter How I feel when I find out a squirrel caused an outage at the datacenter. 518-877-0421 | 5879242029
script-kiddie-tries-to-crack-a-system-while-the-sysadmins-logged-in Script kiddie tries to crack a system while the sysadmin’s logged in iron-tired | with title
checking-server-logs Checking server logs 8162337665 | with title
bypassing-client-side-validation Bypassing client-side validation by id | with title
my-newbie-girfriend-thinks-she-can-put-a-keylogger-in-my-linux-distribution My newbie girfriend thinks she can put a keylogger in my Linux distribution by id | 773-751-9992
when-you-discover-that-youre-not-alone-on-the-server-you-run-metasploit-from when you discover that you’re not alone on the server you run metasploit from (478) 845-9615 | with title
upper-management-sees-my-proposed-infosec-budget-for-next-year Upper management sees my proposed infosec budget for next year by id | with title
when-they-told-me-project-managers-could-do-security-reviews-based-on-a-checklist When they told me project managers could do security reviews based on a checklist by id | with title
that-moment-when-you-find-out-all-developers-know-the-root-password That moment when you find out all developers know the root password 724-448-3507 | with title
my-reaction-when-companys-security-director-enters-his-credentials-into-phishing-link My reaction when company’s security director enters his credentials into phishing link. by id | with title
when-marketing-promises-something-impossible-to-the-client When marketing promises something impossible to the client by id | with title
when-the-server-admin-unexpectedly-reboot-the-server-2 When the server admin unexpectedly reboot the server 720-435-3964 | with title
my-first-day-with-eclipse My first day using Eclipse by id | with title
when-a-colleague-let-his-session-open When a colleague let his session open by id | with title
when-i-leave-a-doomed-project-just-in-time-to-work-on-a-new-one When I leave a doomed project just in time to work on a new one rechallenge | with title
programming-designing-at-the-same-time Programming & designing at the same time by id | with title
senior-developers-looking-over-interns-fix Senior developers looking over intern’s ‘fix’ Elaphrium | 450-471-8529
when-a-co-worker-tells-me-that-the-answer-of-my-question-is-on-the-intranet When a co-worker tells me that the answer of my question is on the intranet 8049996883 | 3204557504
when-i-have-my-headphones-at-work When I have my headphones at work 610-478-5994 | with title
when-my-try-catch-doesnt-work When my try-catch doesn’t work by id | with title
when-i-come-in-the-morning-and-everyone-asks-me-for-help When I come in the morning and everyone asks me for help 208-962-5047 | with title
when-i-hear-the-boss-mentions-my-name-in-the-hallway When I hear the boss mentions my name in the hallway by id | with title
when-the-intern-commits-code When the intern commits code by id | with title
when-i-finally-have-to-admit-that-i-wrote-something-wrong When I finally have to admit that I wrote something wrong by id | 815-964-6997
when-the-intern-wants-to-help-me When the intern wants to help me by id | (855) 243-7332
when-i-start-editing-legacy-code When I start editing legacy code by id | (702) 661-9431
when-someone-asks-me-to-share-my-code When someone asks me to share my code by id | with title
the-last-10-minutes-of-work The last 10 minutes of work by id | (316) 201-6944
monday-morning Monday morning banilad | with title
when-i-try-to-use-a-lib-ive-never-used-before When I try to use a lib I’ve never used before by id | 9167991803
fixing-that-bug-thats-been-haunting-you-for-weeks Fixing that bug that’s been haunting you for weeks by id | with title
when-i-hear-the-boss-mentioning-my-name-with-a-customer When I hear the boss mentioning my name with a customer by id | with title
when-i-have-to-develop-a-project-without-specs When I have to develop a project without specs 2314371727 | 819-821-9571
when-i-try-a-random-solution-on-someones-code-and-it-actually-fixes-the-bug When I try a random solution on someone’s code and it actually fixes the bug 617-716-8817 | with title
when-i-see-the-list-of-bugs-from-qa-after-a-build-release When I see the list of bugs from QA after a build release (254) 553-4542 | with title
when-the-client-has-a-new-idea When the client has a new idea by id | with title
when-the-client-tell-us-he-wants-to-create-a-social-network-to-compete-with-facebook When the client tell us he wants to create a social network to compete with facebook by id | with title
when-a-new-technology-gets-introduced-and-im-the-only-expert When a new technology gets introduced and I’m the only expert by id | with title
when-refactoring-a-5-year-old-project When refactoring a 5-year old project 6623075803 | with title
when-the-intern-tries-a-new-framework When the intern tries a new framework 8652274127 | with title
when-you-realise-you-were-debugging-the-wrong-function When you realise you were debugging the wrong function 412-341-1702 | with title
when-you-have-the-solution-of-a-big-problem-and-you-come-into-the-boss-office When you have the solution of a big problem and you come into the boss’ office by id | with title
coming-to-work-before-the-first-coffee Coming to work before the first coffee by id | (714) 842-0018
when-the-intern-asks-me-a-technical-question-in-front-of-the-boss-that-i-cant-answer When the intern asks me a technical question in front of the boss, that I can’t answer 417-445-0671 | 760-540-0362
when-client-declares-bankruptcy-during-the-presentation When client declares bankruptcy during the presentation 281-760-8423 | with title
when-i-let-the-intern-do-his-first-transactional-operation-alone When I let the intern do his first transactional operation alone 7606532835 | with title
when-refactoring-working-code When refactoring working code by id | with title
when-i-am-taking-a-look-at-the-interns-code When I am taking a look at the intern’s code by id | 8609084716
managers-responding-to-an-urgent-issue Managers responding to an urgent issue by id | 425-397-1123
when-an-angry-client-comes-in When an angry client comes in by id | with title
when-the-interns-ask-for-help-to-fix-a-bug When the interns ask for help to fix a bug by id | with title
when-a-bad-rm-command-accidentally-deletes-production-files When a bad rm command accidentally deletes production files 907-741-1325 | with title
when-i-show-the-intern-a-time-saving-feature When I show the intern a time-saving feature by id | 713-552-5185
when-i-see-what-marketing-has-promised When I see what marketing has promised 403-366-6321 | with title
what-the-client-sees-when-i-open-the-console-in-front-of-him What the client sees when I open the console in front of him by id | with title
when-i-see-my-code-from-5-years-ago When I see my code from 5 years ago by id | with title
when-a-client-demands-to-speak-to-the-project-leader When a client demands to speak to the project leader 918-605-6517 | (580) 688-7532
when-they-talk-about-ie6-compatibility-with-a-client When they talk about ie6 compatibility with a client by id | 716-860-8626
when-i-open-the-folder-that-contains-code-from-the-intern When I open the folder that contains code from the intern by id | with title
when-i-announce-a-delay-to-a-client When I announce a delay to a client by id | with title
when-a-client-asks-me-for-a-useless-feature When a client asks me for a useless feature (866) 866-8102 | with title
when-i-read-a-technical-document-written-by-marketing When I read a technical document written by marketing by id | with title
when-a-client-tries-to-click-on-our-screenschots-during-a-presentation When a client tries to click on our screenschots during a presentation by id | with title
when-i-apply-the-new-css-for-the-first-time When I apply the new CSS for the first time by id | with title
when-the-product-manager-enters-the-office When the product manager enters the office by id | with title
when-they-tell-me-the-website-has-to-be-supported-by-ie6 When they tell me the website has to be supported by IE6 209-444-3851 | with title
when-the-boss-is-looking-for-someone-to-work-on-a-complex-and-urgent-debug When the boss is looking for someone to work on a complex and urgent debug by id | Osteoglossum
when-i-launch-my-script-for-the-first-time When I launch my script for the first time 514-480-7371 | with title
doing-a-release Doing a release by id | with title
senior-checking-new-framework Senior checking new framework sweetlike | with title
friday-3-55-pm Friday 3.55 pm by id | 9032678871
so-many-tickets-so-little-time So many tickets, so little time… by id | (304) 964-8679
working-on-a-shared-code-base Working on a shared code base 3184870074 | with title
the-two-sides-of-saas-development-vs-what-the-world The two sides of SaaS: Development vs What the world sees 6502486906 | with title
last-commit-on-friday-5pm Last commit on Friday 5pm 7803160171 | 9149514293
fixing-bugs-in-our-spaghetti-code Fixing bugs in our spaghetti code by id | with title
boss-comes-back-2-days-earlier Boss comes back 2 days earlier by id | with title
hey-rookie-talk-with-that-customer Hey Rookie, talk with that customer (830) 754-3498 | with title
releasing-new-feature-to-users Releasing new feature to users by id | 5512749701
security-hole Security hole 305-584-6915 | (508) 792-9181
new-high-end-server-arrived New high end server arrived by id | 631-731-3710
proving-that-the-error-is-from-someone-else Proving that the error is from someone else 520-989-9174 | 4808126757
waiting-for-indexing-to-finish-for-the-site-to-come Waiting for indexing to finish for the site to come back up logograph | with title
handling-issues-on-a-friday-at-4-00pm Handling issues on a Friday at 4:00pm by id | (581) 576-0186
working-without-devops-tools Working without devops tools (905) 427-0125 | with title
developing-live-on-the-internet Developing live on the Internet by id | with title
pm-delivers-the-new-specs PM delivers the new specs paropsis | with title
priority-inversion Priority inversion (310) 228-3492 | 919-556-3299
senior-developer-1 Senior developer by id | 563-687-8448
reading-the-full-story-about-lavabit Reading the full story about lavabit by id | with title
product-launch Product launch by id | with title
when-a-bug-appears-during-a-meeting when a bug appears during a meeting by id | with title
ill-just-change-this-one-line I’ll just change this one line… 204-703-6577 | 3154618312
digging-around-in-the-legacy-code Digging around in the legacy code by id | with title
nightly-build-without-bugs Nightly build without bugs by id | (216) 687-8218
insisting-on-following-the-book Insisting on following the book 310-965-1733 | (631) 839-8561
nsa-vs-intrusion-detection-system NSA vs Intrusion Detection System 7029887844 | 561-228-1147
customer-changes-specs-a-few-days-before-project Customer changes specs a few days before project deadline (406) 350-6433 | with title
managers-testing-a-new-feature Managers testing a new feature by id | with title
when-you-read-the-new-specs-and-they-say-to-change-the When you read the new specs and they say to change the framework (604) 445-8698 | 515-412-5110
vendors-benchmarks Vendor’s benchmarks by id | 705-328-4106
learning-the-customers-requirements Learning the customer’s requirements by id | 501-804-6584
remote-execution Remote execution by id | with title
reaching-out-for-someone-to-cover-your-shift Reaching out for someone to cover your shift 206-654-5213 | with title
behind-the-firewall Behind the firewall by id | with title
rm-rf-filename rm -rf filename * by id | with title
the-code-refactoring-trap The code refactoring trap by id | with title
senior-in-action Senior in action by id | 252-672-8420
realizing-i-ran-the-command-on-the-wrong-server Realizing I ran the command on the wrong server (636) 538-1584 | 908-347-5463
reading-the-spec-to-understand-a-bug Reading the spec to understand a bug (912) 996-7285 | with title
our-development-model Our development model 405-369-8034 | lummy
product-manager-explains-cool-new-features-to-developer Product manager explains cool new features to developer by id | with title
when-that-one-cool-python-feature-that-you-need-is-only When that one cool python feature that you need is only available in python 3 (857) 524-1501 | with title
the-moment-you-realize-what-exactly-you-are-asked-to-do The moment you realize what exactly you are asked to do 513-772-3446 | with title
sudden-error-rate-of-50-for-your-application Sudden error rate of 50% for your Application 570-980-2009 | 252-276-7752
how-people-feel-when-cto-enforces-dressing-code-for How people feel when CTO enforces dressing code for board meeting 8506776057 | with title
fixing-a-huge-bug-with-a-single-line-of-code Fixing a huge bug with a single line of code 713-218-2394 | with title
when-the-customer-wants-to-add-more-features-before-the When the customer wants to add more features before the deadline (947) 882-4732 | (866) 613-6334
bringing-a-sysadmin-to-a-social-event Bringing a sysadmin to a social event by id | (939) 278-1097
junior-on-an-interview Junior on an interview 734-670-0768 | with title
build-fails-just-before-creating-the-executable Build fails just before creating the executable (301) 698-2271 | 7822806941
public-flame-thread-in-progress Public flame thread in progress (414) 603-0476 | with title
lead-meets-devs-after-refactoring Lead meets devs after refactoring by id | 708-449-5068
when-i-accidentally-show-the-wrong-feature-during-a When I accidentally show the wrong feature during a demo (231) 361-7123 | 209-902-3613
when-i-have-to-work-on-assembler When I have to work on assembler by id | with title
intern-using-seniors-library Intern using senior’s library by id | 918-814-8091
when-my-own-bugfix-causes-an-error When my own bugfix causes an error Pro-colombian | with title
when-the-project-manager-asks-if-we-fixed-all-reported when the project manager asks if we fixed all reported bugs before the release by id | with title
switching-frameworks-just-because-a-feature-sounded switching frameworks just because a feature sounded cool by id | with title
php-parse-error-parse-error-expecting-on-line-3 PHP Parse error: parse error, expecting ‘;’ on line 3 5403200416 | 571-266-0626
arguing-against-a-senior-developer Arguing against a senior developer by id | with title
doing-ctrl-q-instead-of-ctrl-s-in-a-stupid-ide Doing Ctrl+Q instead of Ctrl+S in a stupid IDE by id | 9315927063
fixing-bugs-in-a-big-project Fixing bugs in a big project by id | with title
when-a-fixed-bug-appears-again When a “fixed” bug appears again by id | with title
when-a-colleague-hands-me-his-keyboard-to-help-him-fix When a colleague hands me his keyboard to help him fix a bug 8557204058 | with title
when-the-interns-code-pushing-breaks-everything When the intern’s code pushing breaks everything 4236244374 | 317-914-4557
developer-vs-designer Developer vs designer 4145844772 | 9257783441
when-the-boss-tells-us-there-will-be-no-end-of-year When the boss tells us there will be no end of year bonus 3433811590 | (470) 585-8102
after-coding-all-night-long After coding all night long by id | with title
when-someone-commits-a-file-with-the-wrong-encoding when someone commits a file with the wrong encoding 601-429-8859 | with title
realizing-what-the-boss-is-asking-us-to-do-is-not-a Realizing what the boss is asking us to do is not a joke 403-774-3247 | with title
when-ie-ask-me-to-be-the-default-browser When IE ask me to be the default browser by id | with title
when-i-hear-marketing-using-technical-terms when I hear marketing using technical terms by id | with title
first-day-of-work First day of work relieve | with title
when-a-colleague-claims-that-the-new-version-of-ie-is when a colleague claims that the new version of IE is better by id | 989-460-5600
when-a-pretty-girl-joins-the-team when a pretty girl joins the team 800-787-5229 | with title
when-the-intern-says-unit-tests-are-a-waste-of-time When the intern says unit tests are a waste of time by id | 775-622-4006
when-the-client-reboots-his-server-while-im-working-on when the client reboots his server while I’m working on it (403) 769-8053 | 236-888-6131
when-the-new-intern-starts-refactoring-code when the new intern starts refactoring code by id | 5413755026
when-i-try-to-understand-the-meaning-of-an-oracle-error when I try to understand the meaning of an Oracle error message by id | with title
windows-firewall Windows’ firewall ecumenicality | with title
when-the-new-guy-applied-directly-his-modifications-in When the new guy applied directly his modifications in production by id | with title
when-i-see-the-code-of-the-intern-for-the-first-time When I see the code of the intern for the first time 678-290-8140 | with title
opening-my-mail-box-when-i-am-back-from-holidays opening my mail box when I am back from holidays (813) 638-5376 | with title
when-the-boss-opens-ie-to-show-us-something when the boss opens IE to show us something (304) 885-1384 | with title
managers-when-i-am-explaining-why-the-project-is-late managers when I am explaining why the project is late by id | with title
when-the-boss-is-on-holidays when the boss is on holidays 5078666536 | 3616887824
when-the-network-falls-down-in-the-middle-of-the when the network falls down in the middle of the afternoon by id | with title
when-my-refactor-works when my refactor works (336) 356-3436 | with title
when-a-bug-appears-on-friday-night when a bug appears on friday night by id | with title
when-the-yearly-bonus-approaches when the yearly bonus approaches (240) 446-8386 | 587-463-6966
when-i-go-to-work-on-monday-morning when I go to work on monday morning 4253245938 | with title
two-hours-after-the-release two hours after the release by id | 9143036731
when-i-finally-meet-the-guy-who-wrote-the-library-i-had when I finally meet the guy who wrote the library I had to use for 2 years (843) 374-3100 | with title
when-the-intern-wants-to-show-me-his-developers-skills when the intern wants to show me his developer’s skills by id | with title
when-the-intern-opens-the-config-file when the intern opens the config file by id | with title
when-the-hardware-team-get-a-new-server when the hardware team get a new server lyreman | (323) 948-3514
when-i-find-a-stupid-bug-on-a-big-companys-website when I find a stupid bug on a big company’s website that gives me backend access 3435338532 | with title
when-the-specs-are-written-by-marketing when the specs are written by marketing by id | (406) 813-7994
when-i-see-a-page-built-with-tables when I see a page built with tables by id | with title
when-i-try-to-use-powershell-after-not-using-it-for-a when I try to use powershell after not using it for a few months 787-445-8660 | with title
when-i-am-the-only-developer-available-to-implement-an when I am the only developer available to implement an important feature (615) 380-3833 | with title
when-i-have-to-choose-between-quality-code-and-just-get when I have to choose between quality code and just get the job done by id | 844-356-8757
when-im-asked-to-make-a-demo when I’m asked to make a demo unaching | 253-370-8929
when-i-see-senior-developers-working when I see senior developers working by id | with title
when-another-developer-modify-my-code when another developer modify my code by id | with title
when-the-intern-says-that-comments-are-useless when the intern says that comments are useless 9548513663 | with title
when-the-intern-says-he-can-fix-my-bug when the intern says he can fix my bug by id | with title
when-your-colleagues-work-on-a-new-project-and-you when your colleagues work on a new project, and you have to fix bugs on the old one by id | with title
when-i-look-at-my-old-code when I look at my old code by id | with title
when-i-see-a-controller-class-with-more-1000-lines-of when I see a controller class with more 1000 lines of code 423-536-3780 | with title
when-i-watch-my-collegue-coding-for-the-first-time-on when I watch my collegue coding for the first time on emacs (416) 456-1348 | with title
sudo-do-release-upgrade sudo do-release-upgrade by id | with title
lets-use-xml-for-the-log-output Lets use XML for the log output by id | (317) 859-7178
when-asked-to-solve-a-bug-of-a-software-that-we-do When asked to solve a bug of a software that we do not know (910) 769-3413 | with title
writing-reports Writing reports by id | with title
describing-our-network-infrastructure Describing our network infrastructure by id | (801) 845-9919
project-manager-handling-a-customer-after-an Project Manager handling a customer after an outage by id | (910) 202-9704
hearing-that-your-project-failed-then-realizing Hearing that your project failed, then realizing it was someone else’s fault (708) 939-3692 | 4253699340
ops-after-a-long-night-deploy Ops after a long night deploy by id | with title
is-the-customer-gone Is the customer gone? (424) 533-9746 | (312) 272-3404
bug-passes-qa Bug passes QA by id | 6017353326
forgot-to-push-the-commits Forgot to push the commits by id | with title
following-market-trends Following market trends by id | with title
project-handover Project handover (650) 836-1106 | (715) 714-4731
gemalto-execs-reading-the-news-about-them-been Gemalto Execs reading the news about them been hacked by GCHQ and NSA by id | (215) 697-0963
project-manager-putting-the-project-back-on Project Manager putting the project back on schedule by id | with title
fetching-a-package-with-dependencies Fetching a package with dependencies by id | with title
junior-to-senior-illustrated Junior to senior, illustrated by id | with title
replacing-all-the-ssl-certs-again-for-sha-1-to Replacing all the SSL certs again, for SHA-1 to SHA-2 migration (507) 691-5013 | dispauper
more-openssl-vulnerabilities-announced More OpenSSL vulnerabilities announced by id | with title
plugging-in-a-siem-for-the-first-time Plugging in a SIEM for the first time 6603623329 | with title
sharing-a-terminal Sharing a terminal 407-872-2901 | daylight saving
forgot-w-on-tcpdump Forgot “-w” on tcpdump 606-777-6868 | formally
logging-in-to-an-old-server-to-update-bash Every time I try out linux by id | with title
when-one-gets-praised When one gets praised by id | with title
contracting-the-product-specialist Contracting the product specialist 4088174126 | with title
this-is-wong-on-so-many-levels This is Wong on so many levels (830) 372-8305 | with title
debian-jessie-released Debian Jessie released by id | with title
debian-jessie-going-through-the-final-qa Debian Jessie going through the final QA by id | with title
theres-no-time-for-unit-tests There’s no time for unit tests 4182671337 | 337-570-1809
being-asked-to-showcase-something-that-you-love Being asked to showcase something that you love by id | 518-788-7778
coming-home-after-work Coming home after work by id | 919-838-5319
when-i-visit-a-site-that-still-uses-tables-for When I visit a site that still uses tables for navigation by id | with title
unit-testing Unit testing 416-656-9485 | with title
i-think-i-found-a-prob-no-wait-its-fine I think I found a prob… no, wait, it’s fine by id | with title
developers-finding-out-about-pms-plans-for-the Developers finding out about PM’s plans for the next release 717-876-0057 | with title
unnecessary-automation Unnecessary automation (604) 636-7412 | 323-577-0311
late-merge-without-conflicts Late merge without conflicts (866) 870-9692 | oleo strut
working-from-home Working from home by id | 2899474109
no-post-on-devopsreactions-for-4-days No post on devopsreactions for 4 days 8336991063 | with title
arriving-home-after-a-long-deploy Arriving home after a long deploy by id | with title
when-the-customer-calls-after-an-outage When the customer calls after an outage circumventor | with title
lets-add-one-more-exception Lets add one more exception by id | with title
when-major-company-claims-they-are-secure-and-you When major company claims they are secure and you already have a shell on the box. digitalin | with title
wordpress-persistent-xss wordpress, persistent xss? 857-444-2719 | 716-670-4235
when-the-project-manager-asks-to-approve-an When the Project Manager asks to approve an implementation plan despite heavy security flaws by id | with title
adobe-claiming-flash-is-patched-this-week Adobe claiming Flash is patched this week 785-982-7495 | with title
discovering-0day-on-a-security-vendors-product Discovering 0day on a security vendor’s product by id | (570) 503-9415
microsoft-and-android-teams-watching-the-apple Microsoft and Android teams watching the Apple Watch/Macbook Live 250-751-9217 | with title
another-openssl-vuln Another OpenSSL vuln? Psammophis | with title
the-day-the-pentest-report-is-due The day the pentest report is due (819) 222-8043 | 7822645146
twelve-hours-later-hosting-still-dont-have 12 hours later, hosting still don’t have CVE-2015-0235 in local mirrors 8562072754 | 7752333101
c-levels-in-a-status-update-meeting c-levels in a status update meeting (607) 746-9021 | with title
after-the-presentation-i-did-that-like-10-years After the presentation: “I did that like 10 years ago” by id | with title
new-web-content-filters-using-ssl-intercept New Web Content Filters Using SSL Intercept furzery | with title
intern-pwnage-dances Intern pwnage dances… by id | with title
execs-understanding-of-forensics Execs’ understanding of forensics by id | with title
reading-the-openssl-rt-bug-tracker reading the OpenSSL RT (bug tracker) by id | (610) 885-0896
looking-through-new-product-configuration Looking through new product configuration documents by id | with title
two-pentesters-se-test-trying-to-blend-in 2 pentesters, SE test, trying to blend in surreptitiously by the smokers’ door… 480-289-7021 | 6193020326
windows-memory-management Windows Memory Management 9563281569 | 901-367-2879
perimeter-security-at-sony Perimeter security at Sony by id | with title
lizardnsa-adds-3-000-tor-relays-with-only-one-exit lizardnsa adds 3,000 TOR relays with only one exit by id | 770-241-8874
searching-a-specific-malware-sample Searching a specific malware sample (605) 766-5854 | 412-422-2684
how-the-sysadmins-really-reacted-to-our-pentest How the sysadmins really reacted to our pentest report by id | 5713800888
that-intern *THAT* intern… 2154904296 | with title
h-m-very-interesting Hm... Very interesting! by id | 8152902570
how-the-security-awareness-person-feels-day-in-and How the security awareness person feels day-in and day-out by id | (937) 897-8106
my-first-public-disclosure my first public disclosure (510) 762-1055 | 901-406-9680
is-this-new-poodle-thing-scary Is this new POODLE thing scary? 623-222-2731 | with title
data-breach-response-plan Data breach response plan by id | with title
how-not-to-behave-when-you-get-shell-at-a-customer How not to behave when you get shell at a customer site by id | 7016975202
vendors-upon-hearing-of-shellshock Vendors upon hearing of #shellshock insectile | with title
watching-geohot-do-live-ctf-and-realising-i-suck Watching geohot do live CTF and realising I suck by id | (855) 353-6394
plaintext-credentials-in-html-source-code Plaintext credentials in HTML source code 4025896248 | with title
when-i-realize-that-a-bug-is-not-that-simple When I realize that a bug is not that simple 7132736521 | 9514516839
when-that-nasty-bug-comes-back-again When that nasty bug comes back again by id | 917-785-5916
when-i-am-assigned-on-a-php-project When I am assigned on a PHP project 4239634832 | with title
the-production-server-receiving-a-new-and The production server receiving a new and completely untested feature by id | with title
leaving-the-office-on-friday-night Leaving the office on friday night (717) 827-5274 | with title
when-i-see-the-client-open-the-website-with-ie When I see the client open the website with IE 4083513449 | with title
when-my-manager-surprises-me-on-facebook When my manager surprises me on Facebook by id | 3479721284
when-people-tell-me-php-is-not-a-real-programming When people tell me PHP is not a real programming language by id | 833-400-1988
when-they-tell-me-i-have-to-use-wordpress-to When they tell me I have to use Wordpress to develop the website by id | (312) 415-3993
when-a-bug-i-found-leads-to-an-argument-between-4 When a bug I found leads to an argument between 4 companies by id | with title
when-they-tell-me-my-app-has-to-be-ie7-friendly When they tell me my app has to be IE7-friendly 905-704-3348 | 916-547-4248
who-wrote-this-shit Who wrote this shit?! by id | with title
when-i-have-no-choice-but-to-work-directly-on-the When I have no choice but to work directly on the production server (212) 568-9792 | 269-532-4537
when-i-hear-the-sales-guy-talking-technical-with When I hear the sales guy talking technical with our client (502) 582-8442 | with title
when-i-tell-a-developers-joke-to-a-non-developers When I tell a developer’s joke to a non-developers audience by id | with title
demo-with-the-client Demo with the client 9162981525 | (209) 914-0094
when-the-intern-wants-to-show-his-skills-to-a When the intern wants to show his skills to a senior developer by id | with title
lets-drop-this-useless-database Let’s drop this useless database by id | with title
when-the-customer-thinks-the-mockup-is-the When the customer thinks the mockup is the finished product by id | with title
servers-admin-when-the-dev-team-wants-a-root Server admin when the dev team wants a root access by id | with title
sales-guy-trying-to-talk-technical-with-us Sales guy trying to talk technical with us by id | upward-gazing
first-review-of-interns-code First review of intern s code anatomicopathologic | with title
when-my-boss-offers-me-a-free-afternoon-with-no When my boss offers me a free afternoon with “no strings attached” by id | (270) 634-3613
when-the-client-tries-an-untested-feature When the client tries an untested feature (701) 837-8479 | with title
when-i-take-a-break-after-an-entire-day-spent When I take a break after an entire day spent coding (956) 664-0977 | 6172718442
windows-firewall-efficiency Windows firewall efficiency 979-473-8473 | with title
testing-border-radius-with-ie8 Testing border-radius with IE8 by id | with title
investigating-a-bug-only-to-find-huge-underlying Investigating a bug only to find huge underlying issues (418) 765-6478 | (361) 364-2650
virtual-looking-around Virtual looking around by id | 305-306-8682
fuck-off Fuck off by id | (845) 802-2237
i-told-you I told you! (613) 687-6487 | with title
w-h-o-w Whow! by id | with title
wake-up-slap by id | (215) 548-3867
tongue-roll 9548672046 | hard-featuredness
when-user-or-dev-comes-asking-for-help When user or dev comes asking for help 5872758471 | 9294262530
troll-face-giggling (571) 383-2584 | 9104783625
cok_guzel (612) 246-7086 | suz
kermit4 kermit slapping self-filling | with title
o-boje 501-440-5514 | (270) 978-0548
i-am-hungry by id | 636-434-1819
i_know_what_you_are_doing by id | with title
w-t-f by id | 431-217-8206
gentleman-meme (775) 887-9507 | with title
hell-yea by id | (204) 983-2540
grumpy-cat-noquote 6828006894 | with title
daffy-duck-wank by id | with title
thats-the-evilest-thing-i-can-imagine by id | 9512659420
poked-eye-chicken by id | 503-941-7483
jackie-chan-meme by id | 914-888-0831
dog-with-hotdog dog-with-hotdog by id | with title
good-news-everyone Good news, everyone! 7344331809 | with title
angry-troll-face by id | 979-227-7546
troll-face-laugh (855) 394-4074 | with title
troll-face-speechless 866-488-2001 | with title
batman-approves by id | with title
happy_muppets by id | with title
shut-up-and-take-my-money Shut up and take my money by id | endolysin
when-reviewing-intern-commit When reviewing intern commit by id | 8068550292
my-first-code-review My first code review 2489555679 | with title
meme-no-sense This does not make sense by id | with title
shut-up-and-take-my-money Shut up and take my money! by id | 2082558528
lama-stare by id | with title
its_working_star_wars It's working! by id | (703) 708-0430
crying-cat Crying cat by id | 6628670308
crazy-dance Crazy dance 212-564-7264 | 352-427-7636
non-standard-usage-of-standard-library Not standard usage of standard library by id | 9528838854
manager-on-a-call-during-outage Manager on a call during an outage 403-456-3305 | (904) 724-4785
monday-morning-requests Monday morning‘s requests by id | with title
Using-a-new-framework-for-the-first-time Using a new framework for the first time by id | 701-210-8248
when-you-miss-the-last-deployment-step When you miss the last deployment step 650-588-2320 | exogamous
submitted-a-bug-report-but--no-response-yet Submitted a bug report but no response yet 425-396-6841 | with title
tech-people-at-video-conference Tech people at video conferences by id | with title
when-your-manager-pretends-coding When your manager pretends coding 5868737241 | with title
visiting-hr Visiting HR by id | with title
code-red-while-out-at-lunch Code red while out at lunch 9073155336 | with title
granting-sudo-to-your-boss Granting sudo to your boss 251-295-2790 | with title
sales-people-looking-for-someone-to-help-them Sales people looking for someone to help them by id | 208-421-8471
running-shell-scripts-from-the-internet Running shell scripts from the Internet asthmogenic | with title
let-junior-handle-production Let the junior hire handle production for a bit marquisal | 2142256446
running-migrations-at-friday Running the data migration scripts on the live production on Friday by id | with title
what-customer-wants-from-support What customers want from support nursable | with title
applying-svn-habits-to-git Applying SVN habits to Git 619-899-1171 | 3125924931
something-doesnt-look-right-here Something doesn’t look right here by id | with title
head-banging Head banging by id | with title
monday-login-after-friday-password-change Monday’s login after Friday’s password change by id | with title
leafing-my-team-after-quit-my-job Leaving my team behind, after quitting a job 9376968141 | hyperpencil
bug-fixed-no-wait Bug fixed… should be ok now… no, wait (984) 569-6971 | with title
java-benchmarks Java benchmarks by id | with title
when-you-dont-use-frameworks When you say you are not using any frameworks by id | with title
good-job Good job! stage fright | 939-221-4615
indian-refactoring When inspect indian refactoring 727-735-9669 | (779) 771-3072
hr-next-to-developer-performing-an-interview HR next to a Developer performing an interview (503) 622-3822 | with title
checking-mail-queue-on-shared-hosting Checking shared hosting mail queues (240) 758-8422 | with title
when-the-customer-finds-that-the-service-is-a-mock When the customer finds out that the service was a mock 8666762191 | 727-970-6848
cto-intriduces-me-to-the-investors-during-outage CTO introduces me to the visiting investors during an outage by id | (412) 219-1323
major-change-request-1-day-before-the-release Major change request 1 day before the release by id | with title
trying-first-prototype Trying the first prototype… Good enough. wisplike | with title
courage-cowardly-dog Courage the cowardly dog 8779537937 | 321-206-2425
this-is-photoshopped This is photoshopped 4406244045 | with title
serious-ok Serious OK! by id | 8644059722
courage-in-shock Courage in shock 8038330506 | 3374672098
family-guy-mass-puking Family guy mass puking 732-444-2768 | pericardiosymphysis
jelly-joy Jelly joy by id | with title
mass-middle-fingers Mass middle fingers 864-971-3900 | 9294219573
call-meh Call meh (843) 252-4836 | 9048040943
excited-ok Excited OK! by id | with title
butt-slap Butt slap (805) 496-2972 | with title
coyote-hunger Coyote hunger by id | with title
flirt-wink Flirt wink (641) 458-5573 | 585-547-1452
thats-my-reward That is my reward (850) 633-0149 | with title
worried-smoking Worried smoking by id | (343) 749-1302
mass-face-slap Mass face slap 6164989910 | (904) 564-7550
bird-waving Blue bird waving by id | 256-446-5992