About this project

With 2invite, you can create many different styles of stationery – each one as unique as your personal taste. You can easily create digital invitations, Facebook bitmaps, covers, posters, CD covers, name tags, invitation lists, and much, much more. Our aim is to design an app with a very user-friendly interface that is intuitive to…

Designed to save you time and money!

Our international developers, who have previously worked with top global brands, have created for you the brand new 2invite App! Elegant design, impressive customisability and complex software come together to bring you a fast, refined, and innovative way of connecting to people. 2invite takes the hassle out of creating invitations, enabling you to focus entirely…

See How Sarah Made her Event Look Special

Sarah is a passionate host of cooking sessions with her family and friends, enjoying the warm feeling of being surrounded by people she loves. She shows her appreciation by inviting them to her sessions with individual invitations. She can also print posters and signposts to add to the sense of occasion, and prepares give-aways for…


Overall app features

2invite App works mainly on your compatible device – no need for a desktop computer (WLAN connection is recommended to send invitations and receive the latest style packages printouts); 2invite App is available for both iOS and Android; it is easy to use – no special knowledge for printing or laying out is required; it…

Layout and design

optimal page proportions, resolution and colour matching; option to choose from various sets of predefined layouts; tested, ready-to-use templates; select preconfigured colours, fonts and layouts; add your own text and insert your own images; use your camera to add pictures; use image filters to add colour tones or to enhance your pictures; output placement optimisation;…



easily select and manage the contacts stored on your device; create groups of contacts or save a group for subsequent invitations; choose the communication channel for each contact: SMS, email, letter, etc; choose salutation for each contact: Mr, Mrs, Dear Sir, etc.; send invitations to a whole group with just one tap; your invitees can…


Processing (from PDF to Printing)

easy PDF generation direct from your mobile device; mail-merge functionality (invitations will be template-based but individualised for each contact); create printouts based on each contact’s details – e.g. name badges, address stickers, etc., all in the selected style; send the generated PDFs to your own printer or to the nearest printing company; printouts come with…


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all your data is kept on your device; no 3rd party servers or synchronisation are involved for PDF generation; invitations can be saved on our servers at your request; we handle your ‘online invitations’ on secured servers with the highest security standards.


Online features

the landing page for online invitations is provided by 2invite; as an invited person, you can download your invitation as a PDF and print it; QR codes with URL redirect can be added to the invitation; invitations can be sent as a link via SMS or by using messenger services.