Do you really think Liber would be stupid enough to do something like that?

He is a man of considerable means.

Don't rip me off!

Would you tell Huashi we need his help?

I don't have a care in the world.

Nora likes his spaghetti noodles a little on the hard side.

The office is empty.

Don't lend money to someone who can't have a morning erection.


We used to be close friends.


I'll show you mine if you show me yours.

This bread smells very good.

Let's all take off our shoes.

Oh my God! Susan looked at me!

Write the sender's address on the backside!

My friend is Indian.

Can I get a second opinion?

Don't worry, I can take it.

A link joins two parts of a chain.

Debi tried on a shirt he liked, but it was too small.

I asked her out on a date.

Please send this package right away.

Who was the inventor of the telephone, Bell or Meucci?

Alexander knows the way to Floria's house.

The police are closing in on Tor.

Albert is digging a hole.

There were many things that Gretchen wanted to do before he died.

There's nothing to report.

She is often late for school on Mondays.

I was able to help her.

He has no capacity to be a teacher.

This is the book which you are looking for.

You're not going to hurt me, are you?

Why are you always laughing?

It would be nice if I were a dog, it would be nice to be a cat, too. Peeing where I like, pooping where I like.

Was his name Novorolsky or John?

How do you like these photos? I had them developed today.


He has broken many hearts.

I've disobeyed her.

Come by often.

Donn asked me to pass him the salt and pepper.

Walt will never know it was you who told me.

My heart is hurting.

We have a 50-minute layover in Boston.


It's all the rage.

That's O.K. with me.

It's very tempting.

What did you think I'd do?

Can I help translate the website into other languages?


I haven't had this much fun in years!

I always thought that suffering a heart attack was an omen of death.

Could I have a word with you?

A vacation will do you lots of good.

I'll find a way to get a raise.

Who gave this to them?

Jock walked in with bags of take-out food.


Can I talk to for just a minute?

Quite a few people attended the opening ceremony of the new bridge.

You don't know what it is to be poor.


He made several corrections.

Is the pain unbearable?

Haven't you thought of consulting a psychologist?

He has no children.

Our team could easily have brought home the bacon, if it weren't for the team's best man being injured.

I can read minds.

Joshua doesn't have the necessary skills for that job.

Ramesh was in his junior year in college.

We were soaked to the skin but very happy.

She's apples.

Barrett finally decided to try jumping over the stream.

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Skeeter threw me out of the kitchen.

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I found out a huge sealed box when I opened my house's door.

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He openly confessed his faults.

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I'll be waiting for you on the other side.


I want to borrow your car for an hour.

Has anybody left me any message?

What was the final score of the game?

I suffer from restless leg syndrome.

You have to choose from different possibilities.


Georgina bit her lips until they bled.

He had all the attributes of a leader.

This radio is no bigger than a matchbox.

I think Olivier is in love with me.

Vinod smells bad.

I will write you tomorrow.

I want her on my team.

She has nothing against it.

I'll go home and get it.

I don't know if that means anything.

We're going to send them home.


I have three younger brothers.

It is a waning moon.

What's in these boxes?

I wish I had helped Hamilton at that time.

Narendra has finished eating.

It's time to have fun.

Venkata was the only one hurt.


How many minutes do you get if you change 48 hours into minutes?

I acknowledged the receipt of your letter.

We were extremely lucky.

At the time this story takes place - in 1699 - the Kingdom of Norway was still one with Denmark.

It's been a good week.

You're a complete misanthrope.

How do you like your eggs done?

I'm not done with him.

Ramesh has no insurance.


That station will be retired as of tomorrow.

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Earnie's friends tried to cheer him up.


Malcolm missed the target.

I can't stay with my arms crossed!

This is your problem.

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Woman's intuition is clearly a valuable trait.

We're closer than we've ever been.

We're about to have dinner.

What's your favorite part of this book?

Do you need any money?

It was Gigi who suggested this course of action.

How's your wife?

I'm not arresting them.

I told you not to turn on the lights.

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He seemed disappointed with the results.

He answered an advertisement in the paper and got the job.

Prakash will have to go there.

I thought we were equal partners.

Carol didn't decide to become a professional singer until he was thirty.

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Cristi has been quite busy recently.

I don't think I can love two people at the same time.

Together we breathed a sigh of relief.

You obviously want to be left alone.

She contributed an article to the newspaper.


I was about to leave my house when she called.

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He tried to get rid of the ants.


It was the truth.

Let me talk to your manager.

It's important to care for one another.

Could we go somewhere quiet and talk?

I don't understand Dutch. It's difficult.

We're planning on doing the sights of the city tomorrow morning.

Could I speak to you for a moment, Robbin?


What's life like where you live?

Mr. Legros can say the alphabet backwards.

The boy drew a picture on the wall.


She ought to be at the office by now.

Cynthia clearly lied.

Brian is important.

It's all right, I won't tell anybody.

I hear from her once in a while.


That's really hard work.

Catherine wanted to go to the shopping center.

That's our business.

Why do you live alone?

There are jellyfish out there today, so watch out.

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Ravi didn't say yes.

Ben spread a rumor about me out of malice.

I cannot forget Taninna's face.

You pack your suitcases.

We saw a mountain in the distance.

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Is Santa Claus real?


You have a beautiful smile.

She may be proud of her daughter.

This blog covers topics that centre on information infrastructure.

I made a promise.

He picked up a handkerchief from the floor.

I've been watching you study.

Times are extremely tough.

Come what may, I am determined to accomplish it.

The mystery still remains unsolved.


He dropped in at the bookstore.

Les helps Glen with her homework.

Can I have a dance with you?