Many people denounced President Wilson.

Could you tell me how to get to your office?

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Jonathan wouldn't stop badgering me.


I don't expect him to understand my innermost thoughts but I wonder what I can do to get him to hold an interest.

How dare you say that?

Please let me know the confirmation number you were told when you reserved the room.

I understand this.

You should tell Cynthia what you want.

I gave them clothing and some food.

I always make sure that my name is on my paper.

We met each other at a party.

I had the good fortune to succeed.

I want to show you something in my office.

I only used it twice.


We're not going to do anything crazy.

I don't know what to tell you.

The monks are meditating.

I promise to leave her alone.

It often rains here.

Randall and Sheila danced all evening.

My bike was stolen when I went shopping.


Competition in the domestic market is cutthroat.

He had a narrow escape in the traffic accident.

I want you to give each other a hug.

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Bea is just trying to be polite, I think.

Why did you learn German?

Barbara wondered if it was true.

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I've got a lot of good friends.

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I'm not powerless.


Have I missed something?

Can you guarantee our safety?

Let's go inside.

I'm not letting you go.

You don't look too busy.


Cynthia has a very welcoming smile.


So many things to do, and so little time.

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An immense monument was erected in honor of the noble patriot.

Did you find your keys?

Mikey pushed Marla out of the room.

You will find this lesson easy.

I don't suffer from insanity - I enjoy it!

What's the problem with Brett?

London's more expensive than Delhi.

We'll have lived here for two years next April.

Will you walk down to the school with me?

We always have options.

It is about ten minutes' walk to the station.

You shall not have your own way in everything.

There were some people at our house yesterday.

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Gill handed Harris the clipboard.

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It's your first time doing this kind of work. You should follow the manual exactly until you get more experience.

Have you ever heard me play?

Unfortunately, my mother isn't at home.

What did you get?

He will either come or call me.


Martyn scratched his nose.


What are you going to do?


Make the tea good and strong.

Maria's niece was surprised to find out that Esperanto is only a hundred years older than she is.

I heard the bell ring.

I was ready for her.

Ernst's parents were Canadian.

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Don't speak with your mouth full.

That photo came with the wallet.

Can you guess what this is?

Tell me the precise time for their arrival.

What is your line of work?

What did Shawn give you in return?

He studied hard in order to pass the examination.

You got in pretty late last night.

Could I have a second with them?

Rhonda and Jon were here earlier, but now they've disappeared.

I got jealous.

Yes, the milk is very good.

The rain had a good effect on the farm crops.

For many gay men, coming out of the closet is a difficult experience.

Use makes mastery.

Let us do our job.

I'm keen for Ireland again!

How much time do you spend cleaning your house?

Please don't leave me alone.

What you are thinking about moving doesn't need to be moved.

You've turned up at the right moment.


Andrea kissed him on both cheeks.


The medical congress was held in Kyoto.

You ought to be quiet in a library.

There's too much sport on TV.

Everybody knows them.

I am turning the sound of the radio down.

I could have died tonight.

My father bought this house for us when we got married.

I had to attend a meeting so I couldn't make it in time to pick Miriam up after school.

How's the weather there?


I knew you'd find Lex.

The cells have the capacity to convert food into energy.

I apologize for coming by at such a late hour.

Edmund auditioned for the musical.

I beg of you to listen carefully.


Go explore that.

Let's see if Bobbie can help.

I don't understand music.

I need your signature here.

A baseball came flying through the window.


You did great.

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Joshua has a lot of guts asking Ravi for a loan.

I think it's getting warmer.

Pick up the gun.


He was beside himself on her account.

Let's help these guys.

Patrick doesn't know where his umbrella is.


We don't have enough money.

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Juliet got caught speeding.

The whiteness of the lily is a symbol of purity.

I tried to make sure that everyone had fun.

Our car broke down last night.

Will this stuff jeopardize my health?


The proposed method is applied to three case studies in simulation.


We can not carry on conversation in such a noisy room.

Olaf didn't force me to do anything.

I'm not arresting you.


I've never even seen a koala before.


I can't believe Sandip still uses it.


These houses are in harmony with the surrounding scenery.


She did a great job.


Kyung wanted Nicolo to be his dance partner.

Do you like French wine?

Would you stop treating me like a child just because I suck at English?

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Jesse refused to help Kurt escape.


You should have thought of that before you got her pregnant.


I'll be darned.

The calves and the colts were like children to him.

He won't starve to death.


We rarely have soup.

They are both good.

I got wet to the skin.

I love the colors of food!

There's no need to do that.

Suzan spent hours looking at the fish in the tank.

She will love her husband for good.


The first low kick was the set-up for this!?


No one wanted to play with Tango except the little boy because Tango stinks.

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Two little squirrels, a white one and a black one, lived in a large forest.

Sridharan is Moran's protege.

I like to sleep on a soft bed.

I don't have any feelings for you.

This is an extra one.


When was the last time you added sentences to Tatoeba?


Wendell was so confused he didn't know what day it was.

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Tell him to write me.

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Sanjeev couldn't be contacted yesterday.

Don't throw a stone at the dog.

I can't remember where I first met him.

I feel like a drink.

The laborer was layed off for 3 weeks.

I just knew I couldn't do that.

Our parents live right across the street from us.