I thought I heard somebody enter the room.

You always were good at learning new songs.

My uncle was involved in the traffic accident.

It is said that he is in Britain.

Harv asked Bjorne to zip up her dress.

Sergiu died at his home in Boston.

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I don't like any of these hats.


I've got to get used to doing this sooner or later.

Can I use my travelers' checks to pay the fee?

American movies are popular around the world.

Visitors to the palace can still see this tennis court today.

I'm not a coward, but I'm not stupid either.

Do you need more time?

Only Donna didn't want to go.

It's fun to build a snowman in winter.

A healthy man does not know the value of health.

The itching appeared several hours after a meal.

Mac learned to dive when he was thirteen.

The building stands on the river.

However, a suitable level of stress is actually a necessary thing for your body's health.

I burned my arm on the grill.

Nobody asked questions about my country.

I had to let them win.

The voice acting is horrible.

We played baseball until it was too dark to see the ball any more.

Get down a peg or two!

He announced his engagement to Miss Brown.

What happened exactly?

Do you really love them?

Morris talked Kees into doing it.


That should only take me a few minutes.


In India many girls are named "Nakusa" or "Nakushi", which in Hindi means "unwanted".

She lives a block away and her name is Susan.

Jwahar didn't shoot anybody.

I want to become an engineer.

If you don't look out, you will get into trouble.

My friend is a talkative person.

You don't need to know why.

Where the drink goes in, there the wit goes out.

I'll see if Antony's here.

All prayers are useless.

Jorge tried to run away.


I have read twice as many books as he has.

I'm sure you've heard about the fire.

Now that you mention it, it's been more than 30 years since then.

Wes is still at Harvard, isn't he?

I think that's all for today. Thank you for coming.

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I gave him Monday off.

Insects are everywhere.

I don't like your hat.


I was afraid I wouldn't have the pleasure of meeting you.

I'll take care of it myself.

That wasn't a coincidence.

I bought this sweater yesterday.

I'll stand guard now.

Granting that it is true, it does not concern me.

Your time is over now.

I'll never find someone like Hugh again.

My sister often cries.

It's cold outside, so he came inside the room.

You're only foolin' round.

I want you to meet him.

The girl who works in the bakery is affable.

Is the manager a manager?

This guitar belongs to Hal.

Why do you want to go as far as Germany to buy a car?

It's outstanding.

Ramiro had to borrow money from Per to pay his rent.

Floria has been coming here a lot lately.

I'm sure you two would like some time alone.

You have to have confidence.

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I await your arrival.


They quickly became best friends.

I have one question.

A BLT sandwich is made up of bread, bacon, lettuce, tomatoes and mayonnaise.

Do you have something else in mind?

This is not an error.

Why didn't you just say that?

George didn't seem very sure.

How many pills did you take?

Jon was just being polite.

I thought you'd decided against it.

Andy was arrested for driving while drunk.

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She focused on her work.

You've underestimated us.

I know it to be true.

I don't like people standing behind me.

I lived in Kouenji.


Are you guys close?


We might not need to sign a contract.


What doesn't Jacques want us to see?


I have a terrible hangover.

We found an anomaly.

She is wasting time.

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The wind still blows strongly.

Pradeep is bisexual.

We need to find out if Patricia can speak French.

Let me have the file.

Have you seen the new film?


It's okay if you laugh at your own jokes. It annoys me when Guido does, but that's because he isn't very funny.

I'm only trying to help you.

I really wanted to go.

The box will serve as a table.

The less said, the better.

I had hardly left home when it began raining.

Vistlik has lost a lot of blood and he's weak.


This is a valuable addition to our collection.

I have never advised a friend.

That was an excellent meeting.

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We're going to win.

Try not to make any noise.

I won't take very long.

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Stay tuned. Dan is coming back after the break.

John is a veterinarian.

Fame grows as it travels.


I shot the horse because it had bad breath.


Did you tell Sabrina that?

Sehyo seems bewildered.

Somebody wanted to scare you.

Blake seems to be a nice guy.

It is clever of her to solve such a difficult problem.

The road is blocked with fallen trees.

Panos is with a client.

Dan was assaulted by a mugger.

I bought this medicine for my father.

Maybe you shouldn't tell her.

I won't be busy tomorrow.

The forecast rain never eventuated.

Cooking is her delight.

I'm Canadian.

Brenda is facing financial problems.


Tell them about your holidays!

I think that it was probably last Friday.

I want snow.

Renu might not go with us.

Maybe I'll bring Kieran.


I like the colors on this painting, but it's far too small for me.

The strippers can't get away.

We need to know.

We want to live here.

Herb writes very well.

Would you mind leaving it until tomorrow?

People are bustling about.

Will you come with us too?

Pamela isn't married yet.


I'm tired of all his complaints.


Most of the bodies were buried where they fell.

You don't have to eat with Mechael, but I wish you would.

The old woman exited the bus.

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These kitchen countertops are 36 inches wide.

They laughed at us.

Do you think we can do it?


which singer do you like?

Poetry is not a turning loose of emotion, but an escape from emotion; it is not the expression of personality, but an escape from personality.

My six-month old son is teething.

I beg you to do it carefully.

They were burning with enthusiasm.


We must change our plan.

Tell me how to find him.

This is the first time I've translated into Italian.

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We're not as dumb as you think.

There are many nudist beaches in East Germany.

This is where my dad works.

That's our best hope.

The boy sat on a chair.


I love that scarf.

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My mom made it for me.


We're going to miss Kamiya.