I just bought a new pair of shoes.

Naresh sounded like he didn't believe you.

She's putting the children to sleep.

Go whenever you want.


Pam isn't questioning your competence.

There came a complete silence. You could hear a pin drop.

We've decided to hire him.

Anatoly spent three years in Australia.

It's not likely to happen soon.

Someone ought to say something.

I have never seen any reason to be frightened of the dark.

"So, that's actually how the whole war started." "Seriously? Man, politics is way different than I imagined."

Of soccer and rugby, I prefer the latter.

Miriam sleeps in the nude in the summer.

I wonder which language is spoken in Brazil?

My zoo is safe.

I've dealt with the matter.

I have no objection to your opinion.

Tell her for me, OK?

It seems a little unclear.

There's a lot of mess to clear up.

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We missed Roman so much.

I have big dreams.

Gretchen couldn't make out their faces.


It is true he has a good fast ball, but he is often wild.

You've only been on the job for about 15 minutes.

You're the first girl I've ever kissed.

I don't think I can love two people at the same time.

Why is fishing not permitted here?

The Jacksons love to have parties.

In Rio de Janeiro, 20% of the population lives in favelas.

Now I know why people get into so many car accidents when it rains.

Do you hear from her often?

Her political career has ended.

I'm going to pick him up.

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Can you tell me who's coming tonight?

I don't think I can do this again.

It's happening tonight.

During the summer of 2003, NASA launched twin robotic rovers named Spirit and Opportunity.

The angry crowd clambered around the police van shouting insults at the suspected paedophile inside it.

Just tell me what you'd like me to do.

I like wild flowers.

If I want, they will kill you.

You don't sound very optimistic.


He did his best, in vain.

She was still weak after her illness.

"Besides," she says, "it doesn't cost much when you think it's the other side of the world.

I don't think we should go outside in this storm.

Perhaps this pocketknife will come in handy someday.


Ken will follow Anatoly.


Arlene just would not speak to anyone but you.


I like the Harry Potter books.

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Is that so strange?

You're really a good photographer.

A group of us from Westmont is going to Ensanada this weekend as well!

Don't leave the bicycle out in the rain.

Shanghai is the city we miss the most.

Go to Hartmann's house.

Maurice was nice to me.


The committee consists of seven scholars.

The firm has built up a wide reputation for fair dealing.

Dorothy taught Bea how to read.

Ed discussed with Larry a plan to rob the bank.

She gave me access to her records.


A lot of people are killed in automobile accidents every year.

Looking up, I saw him come in.

What would you tell Mac to do?

I like to play in the garden.

That's not a good sign.

Betty moved to a smaller house.

Jennie is fitting in.

The government appointed a committee to investigate the accident.

Could we talk about last night?

May be distributed in accordance with the GPL.

He's anxious about his examination result.

I will miss this place.

I was going to write to you, but I started doing other things and forgot.

Please reply.

Maria asked me to help her with her math.

How did Shankar talk you into doing this?

Sjouke locked his sister in the closet.

You did this, didn't you?

Maureen struggled to stay in control.

Can both of us stay here?

This wasn't here this morning ... looks like somebody's been fly tipping.

Why don't we exchange LINE [info]?

He grew up to be a famous musician in later years.


Jagath isn't going to hurt you.

I get along well with all the staff.

Does the price of the room include the service charges?

I've never regretted doing that.

The bus drivers are on strike today.

How come Malus didn't finish?

Leads is a beautiful and intelligent young woman.

I'll give you a call later.

You were reckless.


When will breakfast be ready?

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I don't think it'll happen.

Don't lose heart, Rolf.

Hotta is an experienced negotiator.

I mean what I said.

I'll never make it without your help.

Eric pulled his jacket hood over his head.

I tried to stay awake.

I'm taking it slow right now.

Do you like cities?

Everything is still the same.

This watch is a really good buy.

I think Vern is clever.

I'm able to do it.

She handles a saw very well.

Piete is the teacher.

Marcia told me about it himself.

I haven't eaten in four days.


You cannot heal a broken heart.

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Kristin suffered a severe head injury.

They are at work.

Let me make something clear.


I think I can really trust you.

He will play baseball tomorrow.

I don't know everybody in this school.

The math teacher explained the concept of partial differentiation.

This place is really beautiful.

Tyler is a fairly decent golfer.

Take a good look, I'll show you how it's done.

This stuff is tough.

Children will produce beautiful works when they grow up.


Christofer did nothing.

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I figured you might need some help.

In the collision with a Volvo, our car naturally got the worst of it.

Why did Nichael leave you?

Not dressing warmly in winter can result in catching a bad cold.

Let us help you.

When was the last time you went on a date?

I'm quitting my current job as of the end of the month.

Just give me a little privacy.

I don't remember it that way.

You would make a great mother.

Sanjay studies in Germany, but he doesn't speak any German. As the German language keeps disappearing more and more from the lecture halls, he doesn't really need to.

When suddenly faced with a dangerous situation, hold your horses - make sure of the proper action, then act.

We delayed the meeting for a week.

She is a beginner.

Send me a copy.

Mario didn't start the brawl.

Naren knew that he wouldn't be able to do what Dimitry wanted him to do.

Don't let him stay there.

Tell them I have a broken leg.

That one is all yours.

Can you think of any reason Morgan would do that?


No one laughed at my little accident and everyone seemed a little sad.

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Clem didn't suffer, did he?

We don't have secrets.

You were never a good student.

We got off to a bad start.

You should be in your quarters.

Did you borrow it?

She heard you.

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It can't hurt you.


We're practically brothers.

I memorized the poem.

We ate a very delicious pie.

You can leave.

I'm going to tell Jitendra you said that.


I think we need to protect human rights.

One example of a first world problem would be not having Wi-Fi access in your entire house because it is too big.

Piotr seems tough.


You eat in the classroom?

He went out for a walk with his dog.

Continue without me.

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We've received all the proper paperwork.

Be punctual.

We can watch on the screen you see in front of you.

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An unknown number of victims may be trapped beneath the rubble.