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  • IoT
  • Mobile
  • User Experience / UX
  • Adtech / Martech
  • Health & fitness
  • Digital Transformation
  • Ecommerce
  • Data Science
  • iGaming
  • Blockchain
  • GovTech
  • Content Management

Managed Team Extension

With the Team Extension Model, our developers become an integral part of your team during the entire project. We carefully select each team member based on the requirements and expertise you need. They immerse themselves in your project, maintaining your company culture and working in line with your strategic goals.

Developing New Modules or Applications

You get dedicated developers with strong technical skills who can help you accelerate development and/or integration of your product.

Saving Time and Resources

You find it tough to hire and secure excellent, cost-effective IT talent at your location or don't want to spend time on onboarding.

Long-Term Cooperation

Our extension team works on your project only and under the same rules as your own team. You can rely on them 24/7 and expect long-term and fruitful cooperation.

Getting more for less budget

We build balanced agile teams who reach your goals in the fastest way with optimal resources. You are guaranteed a price, year to year, which protects you from running over the budget.

Ongoing Bug Fixes & Support

We recommend the best-suited technologies and provide continuous integration of new features in your product.

Your Quality Assurance Expertise

We lower your risk of releasing an immature software product, thus protecting you against additional costs.

Assisted Product Development

Hand over your next software challenge to the team with a proven track record. You define your product concept. We deliver it. Established teams with experienced Project Managers develop products from scratch according to your requirements, time, and budget.

Creating a Custom Software Product From Scratch

You need new products but have no one available to build them? Our developers look forward to helping you.

Avoiding Project-Management Risk

Wonder how to best build a new product? We will deliver your project within specific requirements, time, and budget.

Getting More for Less

Our core engineering process brings value to you by applying innovation to speed up development and/or integration of your project

Hand-Over Approach

Just hand over your requirements to our ready-to-go team, then check in with them periodically for updates.

Consulting Services

Our consultants stand ready to assist your company with developing a technology strategy that aligns technical and business resources.

WrenchTech has expanded its offerings to provide technology consulting services, primarily through short-term, on-site engagements. Our consultants have broad experience and expertise in numerous business domains and the latest technical areas such as DevOps, Cloud infrastructure and Cloud-native architectures.

When you need specialized expertise

You have a product idea and need to know how best to develop and bring it to market.

Temporary help during a one-time project

You want to jump-start a new technical initiative and accelerate the effort for shorter time-to-value.

If you want to gain external, objective advice and recommendations

WrenchTech can provide informed and independent assessment of the situation and describe pros and cons of options available to proceed.

When you want a trusted partner for your technology needs

Partnering with WrenchTech can provide you with a single, unified technology resource solution from leadership to development, operations, and support personnel.


Join WrenchTech to work in the company that builds businesses led by the best talent in the industry.

We have few locations in Europe. Amsterdam, Netherlands and Berlin, Germany for business development units. Kyiv, Ukraine for IT and Product Development teams.

We are working on midsize long term projects including in-house product development where we act as an operational VC.

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