A young man is singing in front of the door.

I am anxious about the result.

What will happen if Venice gains independence?

I would have set aside the day for it if you'd told me ahead of time.


I still have not learned to drive a car.

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God, you piss me off. You completely ruined the moment.

What difference would it make?

I am studying Chinese and Spanish.

The good news cheered me up.

What time does the curtain fall?


Keep calm and carry on.

Carl has been sick in bed for a week now.

They were perfect.

This room gets little sunshine.

I must say something to you now.

I will bear your words in mind.

Our soccer team has a good defense.

Croatia will hold parliamentary elections earlier than had been expected, after the collapse of the governing coalition between a right-wing party and a centrist party.

Don't forget our date tomorrow.

Sean was never unfair.

I got a letter from Maureen.


For the past few days Jane has been quiet and out of humor.

Anyway, I don't like it.

No matter how hard you try, you won't be able to finish that in a day.

I took the liberty of calling him by his first name.

Joanne is a good girl.

The spirits muddled my brain.

Nobody can bring you peace but yourself.

Roxanne called Joanne and asked her to come over.

Do what you want with it.

I won't fight with you.

He is a man of mean understanding.

As Yvonne told me, Esperanto has two enemies, ignorance and prejudice.

That was a colossal waste of time.

You must put on your overcoat.

Few people live to be a hundred.


I had no idea you were so good at playing the guitar.

Can you see anything missing?

Let's go there.

Lucifer just wants to be loved.

Tell me about your job.

Don't make any decisions tonight.

It has to be stirred while it's cooking.

I should probably get back to work.

I've lived a full life.


If there were an accident, we would have to report it.

I saw him just now.

I want to take advantage of the opportunity to speak to the governor.

They considered it.

This subject is just terrible.

You don't want to wait such a long time.

It worried me that she looked pale.

Spring is followed by summer.

You must keep quiet for a few days.

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Shamim apologized for falling asleep in class.


The couple named their first child Mark.

Shut your mouth.

The police were inquiring into the suspect's past.

Did you ever make a speech in English?

We're going to have to be very careful.

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I don't want to eat cooked rice.

Because I am sick today, I want to absent myself from the company.

They'll take care of Aaron.


Were you all talking about me?

A lot of things happen in Boston.

Why didn't you help me escape?

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It is thought that it was at this time that he engaged in incest with his sister.

Do you have a bus pass?

Susan has big hands.

How many are there in your class?

The law of a country must be followed.

Darren has had several large glasses of wine and has gotten a little drunk.

I'm a little shaky.

They paid me in kind.

She plays the guitar very well.

Sorry, "my hands shuddered with the cold" was a bit over the top.

It's possible that they'll go to the supermarket today.

He thinks of everything in terms of profit.

She will let it go this time.

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That was what Malaclypse wanted.

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Let's eat lunch outside.


The new computer is ten times as fast as the old one.

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You've got to be making this up.


I don't like to take on the heavy responsibilities.

Rod is having a rest.

All piggybackers are pigs!

Nowadays, that side parted hairstyle is rare.

I'm the one who wrote Hsuan's speech.


She always looks happy, but she is not happy at all.

I wish her the very best in her future endeavors.

Every dog has its day.

I don't think Jamie has ever been to Boston.

Excuse me just a second. I'll go and get the whiskey.


Old-timers might argue the Internet was freest during the Usenet days.


Mohammad ate all that he wanted to eat.

What kind of threat do terrorists really pose?

They can't stand passionfruit, but I think it's delicious.

He didn't keep his appointment.

Maurice drives faster than Ranjit.

I found this under your bed.

The theater used to open on Sundays.

Jerry certainly deserves praise.

No need to translate this sentence. I understand it.

This is something anyone can do.

That's a very generous offer.

I think it's unreasonable.

I'm very sorry for what I've done.

Did Jos succeed?

We've got a very stressful day ahead of us.


The boy is petting the cat.

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It's too easy.

Let's not tell anybody until next Monday.

What time is it in London now?

The taller of the two men went out first.

Get me a cup of coffee.


I still haven't told them.

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This gives the subconscious mind a chance to mull over the original problem.

The arsonist was never apprehended.

Rainer never hurt me.

I think I'd like to visit Boston someday.

I knew them a long time.

Would that be fair?

I had some interesting experiences while traveling.

Two out of five children are shy.

We've all been laid off.

The workers were furious that management had kept them in the dark about proposed job cuts.

Sooner or later I'll take a hammer and I'll destroy everything I'll see.


The medium is the message.

They became silent.

Your opinion means a lot to me.


Granville was robbed at knife-point.

He is so clever that he could answer the question.

Slice the quartered lettuce into broad slices.

When the boys go camping, they enjoy living in a primitive way.

We suspect that someone murdered Graeme and just made it look like suicide.

This dictionary contains about 40,000 headwords.

A bead of sweat started forming on his brow.

He feels no reluctance in acknowledging errors.

Panzer bought a nice house on Park Street.

How should I answer if she inquires after you?


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I wonder if we can get in.


The magic lamp broke open and the genie was released.

General Jackson failed to capture any Indians.

Anonymity or detailed reference are both fine.

The railroad provoked a kind of revolution.

He is my only living relative.

You can't be around today.

Blaine is aware of his own faults.

There have been a lot of complaints from consumers that our products don't last as long as we claim.

Curt picked up a napkin and wiped Del's chin.

Her higher salary will allow her to live comfortably.

Are you ready to hear the bad news?

I get out of the hospital next week.

Steven advised Susanne not to do it.

When practicing at home, the aspiring bartender had to use a potato peeler to zest lemons.

She said that what they were doing was contrary to the company's sexual harassment policy.

I told her you were happy.

You can't run away from this.

It makes no difference if you talk to him or not. One might as well talk to a brick wall.

Where is your cap?


I'll be ready in two minutes.


The play was a lot of fun. I wish you could have been there.

French is spoken in France.

Srinivas doesn't like having his picture taken.

It went downhill.

The cat likes to have a fish but doesn't like making its paws wet.


I have to give him a chance.

I know the feeling.

You are impossible to deal with.