Caroline asks…

What should I splurge on this Christmas?

Hey guys.
I’m not really getting a Christmas this year because I’ve decided to save up and pay my way to the Bahamas to do volunteer work for 10days.
Suffice to say, I may only end up with 200 bucks for myself this holiday.

What do you guys think is a good splurge:

1) Lady Gaga Heartbeat Headphones- I listen to my iPod EVERYDAY, and I have about 3 of them. So music is def my life. Plus Gaga is an idol of mine. They’re 100 bucks plus S/H

2) Marc Jacobs & Dior Perfume- I LOVE smelling good and people appreciate that since I always get compliments. So I’m horde perfume. I came across these two in magazines and love the smell. Combined the 2 would be between 80-120 bucks depending on size

3) Revamp my wardrobe- I also LOVE clothes, and am in love with this season’s new trends like knee high boots, sequins and faux fur. Thing is, I have a shit load of clothes as it is, but they aren’t as cool as the trends out now. I’d probably spend a few hundred at Forever 21 since thats where all the cheap and chic clothes are.

4.) Get a tattoo- I am in LOVE with Canarys and all they symbolize (living like a canary in a coalmine). But to get a really NICE tattoo (of the word, or of the picture) I’d need to spend alot, around 200, which is all I have.

Do you think one of these 4 options would be cool? Or do you suggest anything else? TEN POINTS to whomever REALLY helps. (I’m serious)

Okay, love you guys. Happy Holidays!

Franco answers:

I think you should splurge on something you really need. If you think your clothes are getting quite old and tattered then get a whole new wardrobe! And since the stuff at forever21 is quite affordable so you could get a LOT with $200 or even less than that. I think you can stick with the earphones you have now until they are broken or something so I don’t think you should get the Lady Gaga Heartbeat headphones for now..
And for the perfumes, I think it’s a pretty good idea.. It’s important to smell good as well! If you really think you want them then why not?
Hope I helped.

Thomas asks…

Is this a good short story for describing someone?

well I have creative writing, and i want to know what i could add or take out. we had to tell what a person was like in a story form. I know there is a lot of spelling errors and stuff. Im going to fix that. but anyway here is the story:

She always got the best of her days, no matter what the situation that day might be; she was a strong

person, and could always figure out a solution for any of her problems. Tears were forming in her eyes

again, but before she could go any farther I grabbed her arm, and bent my knees, slumping over to

glance in the face of her new expression that seemed lost for answers. “Come on Mariah, this isn’t like

you at all, I’ll always be here for you, but we have to take this one step at a time, lets just have fun now”. I said with a slight

smile. She went in the other direction ,and I skipped over to the bench across the crowded area, and

quickly placed myself in an appropiate

position for someone as exhausted as myself; my body hanging off the seat, as I patiently and silently

waited for her. I glanced over, lifting my head and catching a glimpse of her as she walked out of Hot

Topic. “What did you get?”, I said, “another band t-shirt, im guessing?” She just smiled and shook her

head “You just know me too well, you know that?” she replied. I looked down to her shoes, and said

“Hey!, your new Avenged Sevenfold shirt matches your black converse perfectly!” I said with exitement.

“Of course you would notice something like that, that’s why were best friends right?” she replied.

“Yupp” i nodded with asurance. “Why do you dress in all these dark colors?, when your such a bubbly person,

that always has a smile on the face” I suggested.

“Honestly, I dont care what other people think, I want my own trend and style, and I want people to like me for me, not my clothing choices.”

She replied. I just nodded and smiled, which told her I agreed; we skipped all around the mall, going in and out of stores, getting in trouble

and meeting others, as well as seeing familiar faces in different directions.

We loved to goof off together, especially in the mall. She then pulled her camera and ipod out, putting one ear piece into my ear, and the

other into hers. I scrolled down, looking at the different options, since it was mostly rock, i chose Lady Gaga; since it was something we

could dance too. ” Okay, lets go around into all of the stores and sing “Just dance”, while were singing and taking pictures” she said.

Mariah has always been creative, and thought of the craziest ideas. She was making several funny faces, that i couldn’t help but respond in

a giggle and get a smile that spread a mile across my face. She could immitate anyone perfectly, and sing in any type of voice she wanted.

We possed for the camera, making faces that showed we were happy and couldn’t stop laughing, and you could tell we were just getting

started. I then stopped in front of her, saying ” Look what time it is” I pointed over to the clock. We both got a stunned expression on

our faces, we were never good at keeping track of the time. We rushed out of Tyrone, going in front of the food court. Her dad pulled up in his white toyota,

he seemed mad, but she always kept calm and just sat back and relaxed. She kept tapping on her new phone; the scoop. Her phone kept buzzing the whole

car ride home, she had different reactions everytime she got a new text, i could tell she was giving advice; she was a good person to talk to about anything. We

finally arrived at her house, and we walked in slowly.

As soon as you walked into her room, you could smell the different perfumes and scents.

There were different colors everywhere, and signs of sayings and morals that she believed in. There were pictures of her family and herself, along with

her friends; which of course included me. The floor was spotless, and everything was in order. Her radio was blasting on 97X, with Daughtry singing from

the speakers. I glanced over at her school books ” How are you doing in the criminal justice program?” I asked.

” Pretty good actually, Ive been getting honor roll and have been trying to get principals list this report card.” She replied. ” ughh, I still have to study, but ill just wait

til later, it’s not until monday.” I just shrugged. We talked for hours, and about everything too. She loved to talk on the phone to everyone, so when we werent

talking, we called other people. We sat and relaxed on the couch, was reading some of the jokes she had come up with, along with inside jokes.

” Come on, let’s watch a movie or something, what do you feel like watching?” I asked.

” Well I feel like laughing, but you know me, I love every type of movie, including scary.” she replied. She was always open minded. ” No musicals or sports

though!”, “I hate both of them, you know that”. I got up and put in the movie step brothers,

Franco answers:

Yikes, this is unreadable – the format went wonky. Re-upload please…

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Questions And Answers On Bella Perfumes

Shelley asks…

What does Bella smell like to Edward? And how can I find a perfume that smells like her in the movies?

Can someone give me a list of some perfumes that smell like Bella. Thanks sooo much!! :)

Franco answers:


maybe freesia or strawberry or the mix of both?

Estee Lauder Pleasures Delight
Kylie Minogue Darling
Ralph Lauren Ralph
Incanto Bloom
Kate Moss Velvet Hour

Susan asks…

What perfume is Bella wearing that Jacob doesn’t like?

Twilight/New Moon/Eclipse

On Stephanie Meyer’s website for this serious she has a link to a extra about Jacob Black and in the extra it says something about Bella wearing a perfume that he doesn’t like.

I don’t understand.

Is this just any olf perfume or is this a cowinceadince?

Franco answers:

She is not really wearing a perfume, that is the scent of Edward he smells, perfume is just another way to put it.

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Helena asks…

Are my daughters bad or good?

I have to daughters who are nine and eleven. They each have there own room. The Nine year old name is Kristina we call her Krissy and her rooms Katy Perry designed with a huge flat screen tv on the wall, and there is clothes everywhere on the floor, makeup stains in the carpet, and smells like strong perfume in there, also with deodorant smeared on dresser. The Eleven year old name is Britney. With her room designed Britney Spears. All of britney spears cd’s piled in a pile. Her tv has a britney spears video in it. Every magazine of britney. And all of britney spears dolls. And britney bed design. Also posters on the wall. And Curious perfume by britney spears and she also has some of britney spears outfits you can get at Kohl’s at candies by britney spears. And all I get is there swearing and smart ass back talking kids. I give them anything they want and this is how they treat me back.

Franco answers:

There is no good or bad daughters… They are good children they just do bad things sometimes. Dont give them everything they want… Just everything they need. If they want something, they must work for it and prove they are worthy, responsible and capable of taking care of these things. But before you do that… Sit them down and talk to them (privately!) ask them what their problems are and what they dont like about you… You have to listen to them. Then you tell them about the things you dont like about them and from then on they’ll have on the things that they need and the things that they want will be worked hard for… Through being good children by keeping their rooms clean, by not swearing and not talking back. Make sure youre doing it too. Dont swear and dont shout at them.

Alana asks…

What grade level would you think wrote this article?

I wrote a review article for journalism, and only had about two hours for it. What age group/grade would you think wrote this? (Also, please keep an open mind despite your opinions on the topic)


Imagine waltzing into a clothing store and immediately being hit with the fragrant smell of the sweet yet alluring scent of Gloomy Bear fragrance super-sweet Invader Zim perfume and the indescribable aroma of Twilight spray. You quickly register the aromas in your head as you begin listening to the music. It’s a fantastic, unusual song by any band from Nevershoutnever!, All Time Low, Cartel, Slipknot, My Chemical Romance, Panic at the Disco, Fall Out Boy, you name it! As you glance to your left, you see a vast array of tee shirts, some with the YouTube star Fred, some from the hit books and movie Twilight, and some with cartoons! There are eye-catching band tees with bands from Katy Perry to The Beatles, from Paramore to My Chemical Romance! You can find classic rock, rap, alternative, modern rock, pop, virtually any genre of music—you can find a tee shirt with it on it! Hot Topic has unique, eye-popping skinny jeans with neons and animal prints! The jeans are all fashionable and great for any styles! You can get black, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, white, regular denim, red, and every color on the color-wheel…Plus more! They also carry unexpected designs on bags, wallets, and jewelry that you wouldn’t think could look good on something! Who else could incorporate a Nintendo onto a wallet? Or Mario onto a tote? Hot Topic is the only store I’ve ever seen with such unique designs! Another thing about Hot Topic—they sell the most amazing tutus! These fluffy skirts come in all different colors, and are perfect to wear any Tuesday for Tutu Tuesday! Everyone is welcome to wear one, and no one will be wearing the same one! They come in pink with black, purple with green, pink with green, lime green, teal, pink, yellow, white, many more…even plaid! But, my favorite parts of the store are the accessories and Living Dead Dolls. The accessories vary from enormous bows to zipper-style earrings! The Living Dead Dolls are porcelain dolls—with a twist! These dolls are decked from head-to-toe in eerie clothes and they all have a charismatic story to go with them! There’s the Unwilling Donor doll, the Vanishing Hitchhiker doll, the Raven doll, based off of Edgar Allan Poe’s famous poem called The Raven, even dolls for Friday the 13th enthusiasts! They have Jason dolls, complete with a mask, tattered clothes, and penetrating eyes.

Hot Topic not only has tutus and creepy dolls, they have clothing great for all styles! Once you look inside the store, you can see tee shirts with funny cartoons and your favorite characters. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can always consult one of the helpful employees! Their employees are friendly and kind to anyone and everyone, no matter what age, shape, size, or style! With Hot Topic’s wide selection of tops, shoes, skirts, shorts, jeans, tees, belts, suspenders, jewelry, perfume, and accessories, you could stay in there for hours on end! But one thing I don’t like about the store is the Twilight fan-memorabilia because the store doesn’t have as much other things because Twilight is taking up their spots. Another thing I don’t like is that the store only gets a majority of their Skelanimals products near the holidays, limiting when people can buy it. Overall, it’s a really great store to shop at for anything you need!

If you like the store Max Rave, then you would love Hot Topic! Both stores carry neon clothes, animal print garments, skinny jeans, unusual attire, both have a charismatic and almost dark atmosphere. The only big differences between the two stores are that Hot Topic carries band tees and is more music-oriented, and is also for both genders, while Max Rave is for girls and also, the majority changes to every season, while Hot Topic stays generally the same for all four.

If you want a store with a vast variety of clothes and accessories, then Hot Topic is the right place to shop! I give it 4 ½ stars! I would have rated it a 5, but I don’t like, as before mentioned, that the store is cluttered with Twilight clothes and accessories and that Skelanimals are only sold there two months from the whole year. Overall, this is a fantastic place to shop no matter what your age is! If you need any clothes, this is the place to go, with its immense variety and quick-moving lines; it’s my favorite store and it just might l be yours in the near future!


Ahh, I just noticed that in the sentence that talks about perfumes I TOTALLY forgot commas.
That’s because I had just added the Gloomy Bear thing and I messed it up.
I’m terrible in Word.
Also, in my document, all the “Twilight”s, “Invader Zim”s, etc. are italicized. (Sp?)

Franco answers:

Looks like high school level to me .

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he rocks !!
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Jennifer Aniston’s tips on surviving heels

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