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このサイトは INCF Japan Node の Dynamic Brain Platform と OIST Integrated Open Systems Unit によって開発され、運営されています。EEG データフォーマット変換を行うサービスを提供しています。
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About us
This site is organised by a joint project of Dynamic Brain Platform at INCF Japan Node and Integrated Open Systems Unit in OIST. Here provides service of EEG data format conversion.
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Privacy protection
The datafiles which are uploaded to this server must be anonymized, and must not contain any private information.
If the datafile is not anonymized or you are not sure, do not upload them.
In the case that a datafile without proper anonimization was uploaded, and private information in it was exposed for any reason, this site and administrators and developers of this site will not bear any responsibility for that.
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Datafile retention period
Datafile's and converted files will be stored in the server for 7 days. After the period, they will be removed automatically.
Please download them to the local environment as soon as possible.

About us

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  • コンタクト・質問先
    eegdata __@__ googlegroups.com
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  • 開発・管理浅井義之 (山口大) [(936) 262-4325]
    我妻広明 (九工大) [HP]
  • 共同体制新学術領域・非線形発信減少を基盤としたヒューマンネイチャーの理解 [5706842949]
    Physiome.jp [HP]
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  • Contact and Inquiryeegdata __@__ googlegroups.com
  • 724-592-1454
  • People behindYoshiyuki Asai (Yamaguchi-u) [HP]
    Hiroaki Wagatsuma (Kyutech) [(817) 619-8058]
  • CollaboratorsNon-linear Oscilology (Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Innovative Areas) [HP]
    Dynamic Brain Platform [HP]
    Physiome.jp [HP]
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INCF Japan node, Dynamic Brain Platform / OIST Integrated Open Systems Unit Administrator